Thursday, September 30, 2010

day 242 | torch light

we don't need a terror alert to clear out the town ... we just have a torch light parade. tonight the annual parade ended in slight chaos with a boy who either fell off a float or got hit by a float and a suv that flipped over. needless to say - the parade came to a dead stop for more than a half hour while an ambulance made it's way down the parade route and i'm not quite sure if it picked up again ...

on a happier note ... the guinea pigs are GONE! :) my children took it surprisingly well and i am one HAPPY CAMPER!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

day 241 | two sessions

haha - my blog titles are getting more and more creative ;) i had two photo sessions today. the first one was with aaron in his football jersey, the second was with the fisher family. we got some awesome pictures from both sessions and i can't wait to get started editing!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

day 240 | the children

i really wish i would have had my good camera on me at the time i took this - but since we were running late as usual, this will have to do ;) yes, i am a day behind but i spent all of yesterday in rochester getting tegan's eye measurements. i got home just in time for bed :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

day 239 | tatum way

tatum has an owl obsession ... and this seems to be the year of the owls ...which is only feeding into her obsession. it's a vicious circle. cran fest had stands full of owls - which my mother seemed to feel the need to buy for her. there is an owl movie - which tyson's mother felt the need to take her too. do you see the vicious circle? OBSESSED!

today we hung up the signs tegan & tatum got at cran fest. tegan got a road sign for his road themed room ... it says "tegan road." tatum got "tatum ave" although now that i think about it - it should have said tatum way because that is the only way things are done in this house lol.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

day 238 | blaise 6 month

blaise was one of the very 1st newborns that i got to take pictures of. he was featured on day 148 for his 3 month pictures and today he came in for 6 month pictures. i love his big mouthed smile - it reminds me sooooo much of tegan at that age. as soon as we were done shooting, tyson and i took off to visit some friends in black river falls - so i haven't had a chance to edit yet - but i can't wait to get started.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

day 237 | cran fest

this is cran fest. a tiny little town of 350 people - with a million visitors. this is what you see EVERYWHERE! i do have to admit - i don't know what is funnier ... the lady in the background looking all irritated that i stopped to take a picture - or the weird guy (my brother-inlaw) giving me a crazy look. i saw almost everything - and i bought almost nothing. my house is pretty much the way i like it - i can't fit much more in it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

day 236 | almost 6

tegan is ALMOST 6! i was bored this evening - as if bringing in new furniture, taking out old furniture, rearranging the living room, cleaning out the garage & the basement, AND emptying the pool were not enough - i decided to start figuring out what i want to do for tegan's 6 year picturs. these might be it - unless we decide to go outside. tatum's 4 year pictures might be in a year or two at this rate ... she's still a very uncoopeartive picture taker!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

day 235 | rain, rain go away

seriously - you're not wanted. it is flooded EVERYWHERE! i am not a huge cran fester - i am not into crafts or knick knacks or pretty much anything you have to move in order to dust around. however, when people can make amazing things out of metal - bending and twisting to make a super unique creation - i am totaly in! so this water better figure out somewhere to go because i don't think i have any old pairs of tennis shoes left.

on a side note, tatum got some serious chloe playtime in today at chuck e cheese. there was almost a sleepover - but neither was quite ready for it. i do find it amusing that they've been around each other for the last (almost) four years - and suddenly out of nowhere they're b.f.f's!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day 234 | cozy

today tatum and i (more specifically tatum) babysat tanner. i was really nervous he was going to miss his mom - but we ended up having an awesome day! playing with tegan's train set, making pretend pizza with tatum, watching "cars", and playing with the pig flashlight (which he didn't dare drop) just wore the guy out!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

day 233 | 3½ year process

today's picture of the day is all a part of my 3½ year process. we have lived in our house for 3½ years and there has been a hideous arch in front of our house for probably much longer than 3½ years. you are going to totally see my interest in gardening with all the technical terms i am about to you .... :) we have bought several large green vine plant looking things and all of them have died. last year someone told us to buy a clematis and although it didn't flower last year - it took off like wildfire. and then it died - or so i thought. it came back this year bigger and way more awesome - it apparently even grows flowers!

Monday, September 20, 2010

day 232 | the grandparent-inlaws

this is a picture that is well overdue! the last time we had a picture of them together was also 8½ years ago at our wedding. so it was time. most pictures taken of them don't involve smiling - however you threaten them and this is what you get ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

day 231 | family affair

today we had tyson's family over for dinner. we did end up getting some pictures of his great grandma (seen below) and some of his grandparents. i am pretty sure the last time they had pictures done was at our wedding - 8½ years ago. i would've preferred black for the background, but i think it would have made her look too pale - so brown it was! after dinner and a nap :) we ran out to jadee's for some more kid time. i'm so happy that tatum has found a new bff! she LOVES chloe. and they are only a month apart - so i'm glad that they hit it off!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

day 230 | kids galore

tonight we got a few of the kids together for a little party. unfortunately, the weekend didn't work out for everyone - but that's just an excuse to have another one ;) how weird is it that the girls outnumbered the boys for once? eric was inside - but still - four to three. kind of a nice change for tatum!

Friday, September 17, 2010

day 229 | all in a year

what a difference a year makes - and it may be just me that notices this - however, i notice it so i guess that's all that matters. well, not "all" but you know what i mean. :) although i have been taking pictures for years - and upgrading cameras for years - the thought of actually going through all the craziness of opening a studio didn't come until ... this shot. this was shot one year ago and this is the point where i started thinking, hey - i want to do this all the time.

this was shot with my old canon rebel - long before the 7d! i must say i can't believe how much has changed in a year!! jack - he's still the same crazy kid though. i can hardly ever get him to smile at a camera - but when he does - it's priceless!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

day 228 | verizon wireless

today was verizon wireless day! i spent HALF of my day getting my phone and my mom's phone fixed. all i have to say is thank goodness for insurance. ground round ceasar salad for lunch - i kind of forgot HOW much i like those salads! visited grandma violette and then out to the inlaws for dinner (well, culver's). home late and WAAAAAY past the kids' bedtime.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

day 227 | nicholle

i am slowly falling behind in editing again! i had a great senior model this afternoon and we found a sweet new spot to shoot at here in tomah! i finally got around to downloading cs5 and it is going to definitely take some navigating - but then, maybe i'll actually catch up!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

day 226 | danielle heart jake

remember day 168 when jake came into get his senior pictures taken? well the other day was danielle's turn - but i finally got to pictures she shared with jake. i love this one - after having to say NATURAL SMILE several times - we got a great smile out of both of them!

Monday, September 13, 2010

day 225 | black lab family

and some of the family ... (continuation from yesterday)
the two oldest of these dogs were 12 & 15 and even though you could see they were aching, they had fun chasing tegan around. i think being around sawyer's dog has really helped tegan get over his fear of dogs! one year ago - you wouldn't have seen him running around with one dog - little alone THREE dogs!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 224 | black lab

today i took pictures for a family that is going to have to put down one of their black labs. she is old and can't hardly make it up the stairs anymore. :( so since theresa's dogs are like here babies - we got a picture of the dog ...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

day 223 | deer - for real

today's picture of the day is a once in a lifetime shot. i actually shot the picture and then as i was looking at the review, i noticed there were two fawns standing out in the field. how often to you get a senior picture with some unposed nature?

Friday, September 10, 2010

day 222 | city wide

so yesterday's blog is getting uploaded today :) yes, i am behind for the day. it was tomah city wide garage sales yesterday - and i spent the entire day garage saling with my mom and tatum. oddly enough we couldn't find tegan a thing - not one thing - so i still ended up having to go to wal-mart and buy him a toy so he didn't feel left out.

today's (technically yesterday's - but it was taken today - did that confuse you?) picture of the day is danielle, a tomah 2011 senior. i LOVE this shot!! what's even funnier is that the next shot on the camera is off her mom, boyfriend, and best friend facing the opposite way because she couldn't have them look at her while she was getting her picture taken.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

day 221 | vice

yes, dr pepper is still one of my biggest vices (which i am trying to give up ... unsuccessfully thus far). see day 3! lol. however, i think i have found a vice that is just as bad, if not worse. SKIBALL!! i have an obsession with getting the jackpot every single time ... and usually i can. tonight it seemed harder though - it took me more than my usual allotment of tokens. all in all it was TOTALLY worth it though - 719 tickets. although now that i hear myself - maybe it wasn't worth it. lol. it was worth it for tegan though. we only got to go to chuck e cheese because today there was NO CRYING at school. definitely a step in the right direction!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

day 220 | morning person

this blog is for my father inlaw:

remember all those nights i used to make fun of you for falling asleep before 8pm? not being able to stay awake during a movie? well - i get it now! i am NOT a morning person - but more importantly - i am not a night person anymore either. 6am comes awful early and although yes - i get how much you can accomplish in a day - i still don't like it! :P

today's picture of the day - business portraits. can be used for websites, business cards, etc. thanks jim for choosing us to take your business portrait!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

day 219 | epic fail

so far kindergarten has been an EPIC FAIL! tegan hates it. he sobs from the moment i wake him up at 7am until i have to peel him off me in the classroom at 8am. today he ran around the teacher THREE times before they finally caught him (those teachers just aren't as fast as they used to be)! he faked right and went left - thought my sweatshirt was going to have to stay with him. what makes me sooo mad is that he comes home completely happy - loving his day, his teacher, his friends. this crying has to stop at some point - right?

ah well - so my morning starts out horrid - but i am quite amazed at what can be accomplished between 8am and 2:30pm. here's one example - new business cards :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

day 218 | labor day

we broke tradition this year and spent labor day at home ... random eh? with tyson working nights this last year - we have gotten so far behind on things that needed done around the house. i am loving this new 8pm bedtime - BUT i am hating what happens in the mornings! today, my sleep in morning, the kids were up at 6am screaming and fighting. thankfully grandpa bought a new car so they went along for the ride to pick it up. now when i say ... they went along for the ride ... i mean a LONG ride - as in 5 HOURS they were gone. lol. i got my entire basement cleaned out and organized into what goes on a rummage sale and what needs to be kept. now only two more floors of the house to go! today's picture of the day - ms jenny harris from neillsville. we had a lot of fun shooting this session and this is one of our favorites!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

day 217 | assembly

tatum is our spunky child. she rarely talks to anyone and if she does - it's at her own will. she doesn't like her picture taken with anyone. she doesn't like to be fussed with. and she NEVER sits by anyone other than us or grandmas. today, however, she was in a spectacular mood (after almost FOUR years - it's about time she has a spectacular day)!! she even decided she was going to sit with the tripp's and she did pretty good ... until her and jack got together. then there was apparently some trouble. i did have to get this picture of tatum sitting by taylor - it was soooooooooo cute!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

day 216 | janesville

yesterday after tegan got off school we headed down to janesville for our annual circuit assembly. on the way, we stopped at madison for tyson's favorite - outback steakhouse. it paid off in the end because we won a $10 gift certificate to use next time we go - and free dessert :) then it was off to our hotel for some swimming and relaxation.

today we spent the day at the assembly and the kids got some fresh air at lunch. yes, i have a matching obsession :P

Friday, September 3, 2010

day 215 | no more nights

so you're getting an early blog today ;) this morning tyson came home from his last "official" night working as a CNA and it's back to his old job starting on tuesday! i say "official" because he is still going to be casual call - so he may work an occasional night every couple of months - but for the most part - WE ARE DONE with the nights!!!! :)

taiya came in the other today to finish up her indoor shots - i am loving this picture below. the dress - the eyes - she couldn't have been a better model. hope she has an awesome senior year!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

day 214 | all in a day

what a difference a day makes. thankfully ... this is what tegan looked like this afternoon when he got home from school! he was very happy to report that he made it through lunch, made some new friends, AND even got to check out a library book (which i am pretty sure he ruined)!

this makes for one VERY happy mother!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day 213 | woe is me

1st day of kindergarten = all kinds of crying and uncontrollable sobbing. this was the pathetic scene at our house this morning. i drove tegan to school, walked him to class, the teacher took him by the hand, and i turned my back and walked away. although it was the best thing i could have done at that point - i totally got called out on it as soon as he got home from school ... as in "MOMMY HOW COULD YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME WHEN I WAS CRYING." all in all - the day seemed to be alright and he survived.

and if you haven't checked it out - be sure to check out our CUTEST KID contest we're running. it's pretty simple - submit a photo via e-mail, get all your friends & family to vote - all for a chance to win a free session & $20 in print credit. five different age groups - one entry per child. for the official rules, visit our facebook page at Pichette Photography LLC or visit our website