Monday, August 23, 2010

day 204 | furniture reevaluation

yay! carpets are clean!!!! it looks like we just got brand new carpet in our downstairs. tyson and i get looking at this carpet and we realize that we need a new recliner. off to the furniture store. somehow we totally bypassed the recliners and started looking at new couches - which led to sectionals - which led to us coming home with a new sectional.

note to self - carpet cleaning should only be done once every ten years or so. lol. today's picture of the day would be from my senior, thomas. i haven't got a lot of editing done this afternoon because we didn't have my computer all day (because of the carpet cleaning) ... BUT when i saw this picture it made me think of eminem. and he really looks NOTHING like eminem ... see day 200!

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