Sunday, August 15, 2010

day 196 | bleu cheese

most people who meet me initially assume i am a picky eater. i am picky in these aspects ... a) i do not like my food to touch; b) i do not like sauces {a.k.a. teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour sauce - except mcdonalds sweet and sour because ... ummm ... it's fake, most bbq sauce, etc.}; c) i do not like chinese food because it has stupid sauces - see section b; and d) even though i love hamburgers and spicy food - i have a stupid pancreas which doesn't allow me to eat those things.

despite those minor things - i actually LOVE vegetables {raw vegetables} and i HEART salad! give me a salad bar with some bleu cheese dressing and ranch ... or a ground round cesaer salad ... or pretty much any cesaer salad and i am set for every single meal. so today's picture of the day is courtesy of my typical sunday lunch ... a yummy pizones salad :)

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