Sunday, July 18, 2010

day 168 | caterpillar

today was a very full day! meeting ... pizones ... photo session ... lounging in the pool ... editing. i had an awesome photo session this afternoon with marissa who is turning four in a couple of weeks. just an example of what my "about us" page on the website means when we make friends for life ... tys and i dj'd marissa's mom & dad's wedding ... this summer when we opened the studio, we photographed marissa's baby sister adellyn {who can forget that blue tutu??} ... and today we got to photograph big sister marissa!

oooooh :) and i got one more senior session completely edited this afternoon. i am that much closer to catching up lol. because i am still editing and have more sessions this week before we leave ... you get two pictures for the price of .... well, one blog ?!? :) these pictures are from my senior session on wednesday and i couldn't choose between jake & his girlfriend ... or jake on the railroad tracks .... although i am loving the infinity look on the tracks.

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