Saturday, July 17, 2010

day 167 | gymbucks

i LOVE gymbucks! i almost forgot about them too until i happened to see my receipt peeking through the mess of paperwork i have on my desk. whew, that was a close one! i think i ended up buying half of the poppy line - but it's my favorite color red - are you really that surprised?

last night, tegan talked tys into setting off some fireworks in the backyard. they were nothing spectacular but the kids were thrilled. i spent this afternoon checking out camera ratings as i am looking for one to keep in my purse. i know that if i keep using my professional cameras - there is a greater risk of damaging them. so, the quest begins for the perfect small camera in the $300 or less range. too many decisions but i have it narrowed down to the top 5. tonight i am off to dj at club 16 in sparta.

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