Friday, July 16, 2010

day 166 | olive garden

i love you jessica!! lol. i used my amazing olive garden anniversary gift card today and i LOVED it! there's something to be said about best friends who know you sooooo well!! :) and ps - to our dear friends the tripp's - happy 11 year anniversary tomorrow!

this morning we started early and got some senior pictures of michelle. i am officially three sessions behind in editing - BUT i did look through them and i love this picture. oh and if you're not a fan of our facebook page - pichette photography llc - be sure to become one soon because we're going to give away something fab - but there's only one way to get it and that's by becoming a fan! {and you probably have to become my friend again - there were some complications with my old facebok page so i had to switch to a business account - long story short - i lost all my friends :( }

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