Wednesday, July 14, 2010

day 164 | tornado warning

today started with a fun senior session with a tomah senior. we got some neat poses and he was super easy to work with. then the tripp's came for a visit and we let the boys {and tatum} swim in the pool. we were headed to olive garden for dinner but tyson decided we couldn't because of the storm that was coming.

probably a good thing we didn't go because there ended up being a tornado warning. must have went south of us because we didn't see anything other than really big, crazy looking clouds. it rained quite a bit and we had enough wind that it knocked over the for sale sign at the house across the street. our agenda for the tornado warning .... a) grab the camera, b) run outside, c) take pictures, and d) order pizza! thankfully the clouds looked much worse than the weather ended up being.

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