Saturday, July 31, 2010

day 181 | going global

we are well on way to going global! we are dj'ing tonight in lake zurich, illinois ... marking the 4th state that we have dj'd in. illinois, iowa, minnesota, and of course, wisconsin! lake zurich definitely tops the list for most beautiful location - although i'm willing to bet we could top it! anyone up for a tropical location?? :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

day 180 | peace and quiet

my children have gone on their first solo camping trip ... solo as in without mom & dad! grandma kathy & grandpa oren get to enjoy their non-stop talking for THREE whole days! :) of course, someone being attacked by a bear in colorado made the national news before they left. tegan's respone - i sure hope i don't get ate by a bear!

today's picture of the day - miss kelsey was in for her 6 month pictures! for those of you who don't remember, check out day 73 to see kelsey's 3 month pictures. my how time flies!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

day 179 | county fair

i do not think the monroe county fair is as awesome as the vernon county fair ... however, a fair is a fair! where else can you spend $75 on absolutely nothing, go on rides that look a little dangerous, play cheesy games and get awesome inflatable toys that you can hit your sister over the head with, eat amazing funnel cakes and other fattening food, AND pet some farm animals?

pretty sure you can only do ALL of that at the fair. getting a picture of a smiling (or snarling?) llama TOTALLY made it worthwhile. we all know i do not really care for farm animals - but llamas are kind of cute ... and this one was friendly as long as you weren't blocking his fan!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day 178 | only in wisconsin

i am pretty sure the picture of the day can only be seen in wisconsin. where else would you find your live bait next to a pop machine? :) today's adventure - laundry! it took me 116 hangers to hang up tatum's clothes ... as in shirts & dresses. 34 pairs of blue jeans & shorts to put away. i have an aversion to laundry - so i was pleasantly surprised when i found clothes i forgot she even had! and i haven't even started on tegan's yet!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

day 177 | in the newspaper

today's photo is obviously not the awesomeist {i'm pretty sure that isn't a word} quality as it was taken with my droid. i was, however, excited to see our business made it into the sparta newspaper and the la crosse tribune! opening a business has been quite the task and it's nice to see things starting to take shape!!

today i spent most of the afternoon figuring out how to file our first quarter sales tax, talking with an accountant who is going to be teaching us how to us quickbooks pro, and working on our almost complete flash website. i still have tomorrow off, but then it's back to taking pictures on thursday. can't wait to see baby kelsey {she was one of my 1st newborns} for her six month pictures!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

day 176 | capturing life

there is a reason i chose "capturing life one smile at a time" as my business slogan and today's picture of the day says exactly why! the train in the background was moving and although we could see grafitti coming - we couldn't see what it said. snapping away i ended up with four shots which included grafitti on four different box cars. we ended up getting the perfect picture with "girl power" stopped in time. what are the odds? i probably couldn't do it again if i tried!

exciting news today - i almost done building our flash website!! i have nixed the logo idea and just created a black, chic, flash website. hoping to have it up in the next day or two - or week?!? :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

day 175 | back on track

it was an awesome weekend but i am now thankful to be home! plus i totally forgot i had ordered our new image box before i left - so it was a pleasant surprise that was waiting on my doorstep! this is the draft of what it looks like - but the picture of tatum is on the front ... pichette photography is on the side ... and tegan is on the back. it holds 250 5x7 pictures and it is really, really cool! this is something that we are going to be including in our wedding package - however i had to try it out first!

i still have a couple of days off this next week and i am sooooooo looking forward to them! hopefully i will get caught up on a few things around the house and maybe even clean ... don't push it lol.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

day 174 | falling behind

apparently it's a good thing i don't get paid to keep up on my blog ... this week i would have been fired! lol. i took a TON of pictures this weekend but totally forgot to upload them on the laptop. by the time i would get the kids wore out at the hotel pool and finally asleep in a room that does not have 24 access to spongebob - i was wore out! so here is yesterday's picture - tegan & tatum all dressed up. yes - for those of you who know about my matching obsession, we all wore blue - except tatum. she has refused to wear blue - unless it is very pretty and somehow surrounded by PINK! so - pink trumped blue!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

day 172 | rochester

i missed my first blog ... but i'd say 171 days in a row is pretty good. we have been in rochester since thursday and yesterday we spent most of it at the hotel pool. so technically, day 172 & 173 are pictuers from the same day. our convention in rochester ... day 172 - notes! yes, i still have OCD and my handwriting shows it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

day 171 | point and shoot

my husband loves me ... sometimes. :) today he allowed me to buy a new camera for everything in my life that doesn't involve a photo session. i was really, really stuck in deciding between the new canon that shoots in raw vs the new sony avchd. finally when i had compared all of the features and functions, i decided on the sony. the raw was awesome but that's pretty much all i could see that was amazing. the sony gives you sweeping panorama and hd 1080 video. who can compete with that? who knows - with these awesome panorama shots - i may even end up using it for a few shots at the next wedding! we leave in the morning - time for the packing to begin!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day 170 | laundry day

fourteen overflowing bins of laundry - that's what day consisted of. well, my mother's day. haha. i hired my mother to come and do my laundry. i hate laundry! it is stupid and pointless. i would just as soon go and buy new clothes - which is what i usually do lol. but she says the laundry HAS to be done.

today i officially caught up on all my sessions - just in time for some unexpected company. today's picture of the day - our new version of the canvas collage. these things are SWEET! they cost $200 for a 20x20 but they are AMAZING quality! i've seen some made and hopefully i will have one in the studio soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

day 169 | attention deficit

i have come to the conclusion that i have attention deficit disorder {a.d.d.}. i had the entire day with a sleeping husband, children visiting grandma, complete peace and quiet - and even though i spent the majority of the day editing - i am still two sessions behind.

then i went to walmart to buy tegan dress shoes ... his feet grew overnight - i swear! i bought some school supplies, checked out the cameras, got a few minor groceries ... and left without even checking out the dress shoes. epic fail!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

day 168 | caterpillar

today was a very full day! meeting ... pizones ... photo session ... lounging in the pool ... editing. i had an awesome photo session this afternoon with marissa who is turning four in a couple of weeks. just an example of what my "about us" page on the website means when we make friends for life ... tys and i dj'd marissa's mom & dad's wedding ... this summer when we opened the studio, we photographed marissa's baby sister adellyn {who can forget that blue tutu??} ... and today we got to photograph big sister marissa!

oooooh :) and i got one more senior session completely edited this afternoon. i am that much closer to catching up lol. because i am still editing and have more sessions this week before we leave ... you get two pictures for the price of .... well, one blog ?!? :) these pictures are from my senior session on wednesday and i couldn't choose between jake & his girlfriend ... or jake on the railroad tracks .... although i am loving the infinity look on the tracks.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

day 167 | gymbucks

i LOVE gymbucks! i almost forgot about them too until i happened to see my receipt peeking through the mess of paperwork i have on my desk. whew, that was a close one! i think i ended up buying half of the poppy line - but it's my favorite color red - are you really that surprised?

last night, tegan talked tys into setting off some fireworks in the backyard. they were nothing spectacular but the kids were thrilled. i spent this afternoon checking out camera ratings as i am looking for one to keep in my purse. i know that if i keep using my professional cameras - there is a greater risk of damaging them. so, the quest begins for the perfect small camera in the $300 or less range. too many decisions but i have it narrowed down to the top 5. tonight i am off to dj at club 16 in sparta.

Friday, July 16, 2010

day 166 | olive garden

i love you jessica!! lol. i used my amazing olive garden anniversary gift card today and i LOVED it! there's something to be said about best friends who know you sooooo well!! :) and ps - to our dear friends the tripp's - happy 11 year anniversary tomorrow!

this morning we started early and got some senior pictures of michelle. i am officially three sessions behind in editing - BUT i did look through them and i love this picture. oh and if you're not a fan of our facebook page - pichette photography llc - be sure to become one soon because we're going to give away something fab - but there's only one way to get it and that's by becoming a fan! {and you probably have to become my friend again - there were some complications with my old facebok page so i had to switch to a business account - long story short - i lost all my friends :( }

Thursday, July 15, 2010

day 165 | graffiti

today after my photo session, i got some MUCH needed editing done. i have been so busy taking pictures, i haven't time to get the editing done - but thankfully i am catching up! just in time for my senior session tomorrow!! :)

other exciting news for today - pichette photography officially became ... pichette photography llc. i have no idea what this means lol - but tyson says it's a good thing. :) we also got our tax id's, seller's permit, and business insurance figured out. so many accomplishments for one day!

today's picture of the day ... a picture from trevor's senior session. he found this graffiti and asked if he could use it for his pictures. add a splash of color to the carved out stone and i think it turns into an awesome picture!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

day 164 | tornado warning

today started with a fun senior session with a tomah senior. we got some neat poses and he was super easy to work with. then the tripp's came for a visit and we let the boys {and tatum} swim in the pool. we were headed to olive garden for dinner but tyson decided we couldn't because of the storm that was coming.

probably a good thing we didn't go because there ended up being a tornado warning. must have went south of us because we didn't see anything other than really big, crazy looking clouds. it rained quite a bit and we had enough wind that it knocked over the for sale sign at the house across the street. our agenda for the tornado warning .... a) grab the camera, b) run outside, c) take pictures, and d) order pizza! thankfully the clouds looked much worse than the weather ended up being.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

day 163 | drop out

today tegan officially dropped out of his first school. summer school! we have tried everything. he LOVES his classes but the bigger kids at recess and lunch were just too much for him to handle. :(

today i had a senior session with trevor scholze from holmen. we had a lot of fun and got a lot of great shots. i haven't really started editing yet - but i saw this picture and it reminded me of head shots. i LOVE it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

day 162 | grandpa oren said

so today i didn't carry my camera with me ... because i spent most of my day at the waterpark. tegan got to experience posiden's rage in the awesome wave pool. i thought he would be nervous seeing a 7+ foot wave coming towards him - but not at all. he just went with it. tatum, on the other hand, ran like the wind!

ooooooh - and tatum informed us on the way down that grandpa oren would be taking her to chuck e cheese on friday. i asked her how she would know this and i wouldn't ... her response -grandpa oren SAID! now i know that she likes to make up stories occasionally {okay, most of the things that come out of her mouth are from her amazing imagination} ... BUT i think she ought to hold him to this one ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

day 161 | make them leave

my company will not leave. i have tried to get them off my couch for the last hour but it has been unsuccessful. :( some of us need our sleep. so kim, if you're reading this - and i know you are - please take your rowdy friends and get out! ;) j/k ... oh and by the way, the picture of the day is my flower girl from my wedding EIGHT years ago!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

day 160 | djing fireworks

tonight i dj'd a wedding at the holiday inn in tomah. yes, i say i, because tyson left me alone while he went to work. good thing i learned something in the eight years we've dj'd - otherwise i would have been up a creek. must have been good - there were fireworks ;) okay - so maybe the fireworks were because the 4th of july fireworks were postponed due to rain - BUT i'm not telling anyone ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

day 159 | seeing stripes

some may see paneling as a con when buying an older house. we, however, see it as a definite pro. i decided to put some stripes in our bedroom - and dark ones at that. our townhouse had ALL white walls and this house had ALL cream walls - neither of which i am crazy about. i have finally decided to decorate - and stripes it is. every room in our upstairs has stripes somewhere in it! now if i could just figure out how to keep it this clean all the time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

day 158 | migraines

i have had a stinking migraine for more than half the day. i threw my neck / shoulder out about three weeks ago and although it's feeling much better than it did - it's still out :( i have been going to the chiropractor and now she wants me to get a massage. so that's the next thing on my agenda.

add to that the fighting over summer school and well - it's easy to see why i have a migraine! no, tegan did not go to school today. we tried. we really tried. there was sobbing. uncontrollable shaking. and he was so worked up i thought he was going to puke - so he stayed home. we are going to try again in the morning and see how it goes again. i really, really want him to try. since he went half days last year and has to go full days next year - it's just a 3/4 day program to help him adjust to the upcoming change. we shall see!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

day 157 | crimson & clover

clover anyway ... that's my picture of the day. i still think like a dj though - so of course the song comes to mind. :) i spent half of my day today down at the middle school dealing with a sobbing little boy. tegan said he loves his classes and he loves his teachers and he really LOVES spanish class, lol - but he gets nervous switching classes with all the big kids there.

i do think that tomorrow will be much better now that i have walked him through everything he needs to do. if not, looks like i'll be spending another day at the school lol. as long as he loves his classes - i'm willing to do it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

day 156 | summer school

today was another hot, humid, rainy day. 700 students roaming through the halls of tomah middle school. tons of staff walking the halls in bright neon shirts. add some road construction that closes off the main entrance of the school - and you have just witnessed the first day of summer school.

unfortunately tegan had a hard day! i could tell he was nervous walking up to his classroom but he seemed fine when i left. i guess there were several {three to be exact} crying outbursts - but all in all - he wants to go back tomorrow. once he saw some kids he knew and realized that jadrienne and i weren't lying to him about being in ALL the same classes with sawyer - i think he figured he would be alright!

Monday, July 5, 2010

day 155 | tiny little boxes

there was no swimming in the pool today :( it rained. we had a perfectly hot, humid, and sunny vacation only to come back home to rain. we had a nice lazy day - nothing exceptional accomplished. tegan did get a haircut since summer school starts tomorrow ... and we ventured into the movie store that's going out of business.

today's picture of the day reminds me of all the little things i need to get done around here. i have taken the week off to try and catch up on some work ... and hopefully, it will get done! first stop - bedtime!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

day 154 | rice-on-erous

we decided to spend our last day in illinois at the zoo. the whole way through the zoo we kept hearing tegan & tatum say ... "are we going to see the riceonerous soon?" it was sooooo hilarious! tatum was crying at the end because she REALLY wanted to see an owl - but he wasn't on display today :( thank goodness there were owls in the gift shop!!

we decided to end our trip a couple days early and head home. the kids were very well-behaved but they were starting to get antsy and i was ready for a day to relax at home before sending tegan to his first day of summer school! tomorrow we hope the weather is perfect so we can spend it in the pool!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

day 153 | summer heat

it was WARM and humid today! we met up with some of our cousins and headed to a water play place in washington. the kids had such a blast running through the water and playing with each other. it's always amazing to me how friendships at their age work - they don't see each other except for once a year - and to them it seems like it was just yesterday.

today's picture of the day comes courtesy of miss jadyn - our little cousin - running through the water with her "goggles." she is quite the little model in the making!

Friday, July 2, 2010

day 152 | buglights

i heart my husband - he figured out how to tether my droid to my laptop so i could get internet without having to stalk the neighbors for wireless internet connections. it wouldn't be a big deal - but i am not giving up on my blog 152 days in!!

there are a million fireflies down here - buglights as tatum calls them. the kids are having a blast trying to catch them ... so much so that we had to make a run to family dollar so they could get bug collecting kits!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

day 151 | three hundred miles

made it 300 miles with minimal fights between the children - that's an accomplishment in my book! of course, the new dvd system daddy bought them might have helped with that a little!!