Sunday, June 20, 2010

day 140 | creepy mccreeperton

i got the verizon droid recently and i am LOVING it! i specifically got it for three reasons - to organize my appointments, to answer my e-mail without having to sit at a computer, and the most important - a navigation system. i do, however, find it a tad bit creepy that my phone knows where i am at all times and shows me a picture of my destination as arrive.

for instance, type in 330 cady ave and it shows me a recent picture of my house, landscaping and all, with my garbage can sitting out at the curb - meaning it was taken on a tuesday morning. hit one button and it shows me an entire 360ยบ view of my neighborhood. cool - definitely! creepy - YES! i've named the thing "creepy mccreeperton."

now i must admit - i do feel a tad bit guilty about putting this adorable boys picture in a blog with this title - but it was a picture i took this afternoon. he is soooooooooo adorable it had to be the picture of the day!

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