Monday, June 14, 2010

day 134 | hummingbirds suck

don't get me wrong - i generally LOVE hummingbirds ... however, i am quite angry with them this year. they are not coming to the bird feeder. instead we get these stupid bees and ants that come and they're not nearly as cool! part of the reason for the non-existance of the hummingbirds could be because we decided to move the feeder right in front of our big picture window ... which just happens to be the same spot where the cats bask in the sun! i'm just sayin' ... it's a possible reason why!

more rain today ... more rain tomorrow. thankfully it's supposed to start drying out on wednesday and hopefully i will get to the outside sessions i have coming up this week ... including the senior session i have planned. then it's onto the best day of the week ... forget girl's night out - it's a whole day!! ;)

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