Thursday, May 27, 2010

day 116 | migraines & taxes

today i woke up with the beginning of a migraine and tatum {who didn't sleep well anyway} woke up screaming that her ears hurt. so, back to the doctor only to find out they can try one more antibiotic and after that ... tubes. she has been on antibiotics for the last 20 days - so hopefully this antibiotic will be strong enough to knock the infection out!

our business plan consultant came today to meet with us regarding ... well, our business plan. lol. that involved getting our taxes done for the first quarter so we had a little bit of knowledge as to how the business is going. it was a very informative meeting ... even with a migraine!

today's picture of the day is an old picture :( i know. i have my camera all apart and set for cleaning. so this picture will have to do. i LOVE this picture. i just ordered the metallic print of it to frame. love, love, LOVE it!

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