Saturday, May 22, 2010

day 111 | tis the season

the wedding season! tonight we started our "almost" four month stretch ... we are booked nearly every saturday for the next FOUR months {minus the few i left off the schedule for personal days}. four months from now ... we will have been djing for EIGHT years! yes, it does get tiring {mainly i dread setting up and the long wait through dinner} ... BUT ....

only in wisconsin can you play "beer barrel polka" after midnight and have a full dancefloor. thriller NEVER gets old. hearing - "the last time we did this, you dropped me," as the guy swings the girl across the dancefloor ... also, never gets old! every wedding will always have that one crazy person who comes and requests the most outlandish song they can think of {i swear it's a test} only to completely clear the dancefloor in seconds.

AND ... watching everyone sing along with the words as they bob up and down on the dancefloor while yelling "I LOVE THIS SONG" makes it all worthwhile!!

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