Tuesday, May 18, 2010

day 107 | down on the farm

i hate allergy season. :( my eyes are so itchy and my head is so stuffed up - it's ridiculous. today i went with tegan's 4k class on a trip to the farm. me personally - NOT a farm girl! in fact, i am content to stay as far away as possible from the farm. i will admit though - the highlights of the farm were .... watching tegan feed a baby calf, pet a duck, chase a rooster, and watching diane get poop splatter from a cow. ;) *sorry diane - i had to bring it up*

i did take a lot of pictures today - BUT i unfortunately didn't get time to edit them. so i had to use one more pictures from my wedding shoot {can you tell that bridal sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot - that and seniors}. i promise - tomorrow i will get back to shooting life. but for now, here's another one of my FAVS!!

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