Sunday, May 16, 2010

day 105 | trash the dress

i LOVE trash the dress sessions {aka bridal sessions without the wedding}. weddings go soooo fast and you don't always get the pictures you wanted or could have gotten - so we created a trash the dress / bridal session to help with that. basically you take a bride who has recently got married and you go to all the fun places where it's okay for her to get her dress a little dirty {ie. the park / the river / the railroad tracks / etc}. in the end you get a fun experience and awesome pictures!

today's trash the dress session comes courtesy of travis & amanda stuckey. we met them a little under a year ago when we dj'd their wedding and they volunteered to be models for our session. it was so much fun & amanda was ready to try anything ... even climbing fire escapes ;)

we ended up with a little over 600 pictures - but here is a sample of what is yet to come

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