Friday, April 30, 2010

day 89 | sibling rivalry

picture of the day: pre-sibling rivalry ;) this was the adorable newborn i took pictures of last week! this week, we tried to get some pictures with big sister ella & get some of her by herself. one of the joys of working with babies and children is that they are ALL over the place and ella was no different! i guess in the end, as long as they LOOK soft, sweet, and cooperative, that's all that matters! thus the reason there are TWO pictures of the day - i couldn't decide on alone or together!

conner & ella are exactly the same age difference as tegan & tatum are. wow - i can't believe tegan was that little when tate was born. of course, back then tegan also liked tatum - i can't believe they liked each other! ah the joys of sibling rivalry.

poor tate is still sick :( today we went back to the dr and she was given steroids and cough syrup with codeine. BRING ON the sleep!!! it is much needed around this house.

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