Sunday, April 25, 2010

day 84 | photography website

for those of you who know me well - i don't stay satisfied for long. from a creative aspect, there is always something i want to change or design and my website always seems to get the brunt of it! since we've been in business for two months as a studio - we've decided to relaunch the website with a push toward the class of 2011 seniors. now i am halfway through and it just needs to get finished.

today has been a looooooong day! both kids now have colds - tegan with the worst of it. struggling from lack of sleep, both tys and i take turns answering their EVERY need! two photo sessions this afternoon - both were a lot of fun! i love families that come in and have a creative sense to them, it makes for a great photo session. two more photo sessions tomorrow and hopefully a finished website. hopefully ;)!

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