Saturday, April 24, 2010

day 83 | class of 2011

technically this isn't a "picture" i took today, BUT it's a picture i created today, so i guess technically it gets to count as the picture of the day. i have spent several hours creating and recreating the flyers i am sending out to 280 tomah juniors. it has taken forever, but i am finally done with it. they have been ordered and should hopefully be here by the end of the week, so there is no turning back now!

i have had a major lazy day. tegan is sick with what seems to be a sinus infection or cold of some sort. it has rained and been gloomy all day. the house is semi-clean, floors mopped, checkbook balanced, bills paid, and yes, senior flyers created. i can finally check off all the little things that i have been putting off. well not all, but quite a few.

today's major photo session was cancelled due to the rain :( i had a trash the dress session in la crosse and it was going to be SO much fun. but, we will reschedule and it will still be exciting! tomorrow i have two photo sessions - one for a family and one for prom.

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