Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day 79 | not a morning person

today has been a LONG day! for those of you who don't know me well (those of you who do know me will totally agree with this statement) mornings are not my forte. i am NOT a morning person! so when i have to be in sparta for a meeting at 8am ... 1) i am not going to be happy & 2) i am probably going to be late ... especially when i have to go and get blood drawn at the clinic BEFORE i can go anywhere to end my fasting.

needless to say, this is how the day started and it wasn't an awesome day. i did take a nap today for the first time in FOREVER and although it didn't get rid of my pounding headache - it did feel AWESOME!!! :)

i didn't have much for a picture of day. crankiness and picture taking don't really go hand in hand - BUT i did receive $10 in change from my lovely gas station. i NEVER have cash ... i am PURE debit card ... so to me this is something new and exciting. what can i do with $10 ...

nevermind - tyson took it :(

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