Monday, April 19, 2010

day 78 | pear tree blossoms

todays picture of the day comes from the edge of my lawn. the neighbor behind us has a pear tree that hangs over onto our side of the fence. in fact, i'm pretty sure that all the pears are on our side of the fence and we always end up with an excess of pears. a person can only eat so many pears! i didn't realize, however, until tonight that pear blossoms are actually very pretty - and i'm not even a flower kind of girl!

today was tyson's day off and we spent most of it organizing. well i was organizing - he was going behind me disorganizing. i am seriously thinking about getting 10 outfits per person and getting rid of the rest. i HATE laundry. and seriously - what 3½ year old needs 50+ dresses that all fit?

this evening i had another family session. it has been super busy here at the studio and there isn't much of an end in sight (which is a good thing)! i am starting to feel a little under pressure. between managing the dj business, running a photography studio, and taking care of the kids - i am messing up schedules and missing appointments (thankfully not photography appointments)! i still have a ton of editing, ordering, uploading, and marketing to do ... and it's only monday!

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