Friday, April 16, 2010

day 75 | twinkle little star

there is a little star in that picture somewhere. it was so peaceful out this evening. of course, this was while jadee and i were in the car with tanner (who is the perfect driving companion)! it suddenly came to an end when we got back to my house and there were three little kids running around everywhere. for a moment though, there was peace on cady ave!

today i had two photo sessions. both were a lot of fun - but the latter one was tegan's buddy from school. i always hear dawson this, dawson that - so it was nice to put a face with dawson! he and his brother were both SO cooperative!! that might of had something to do with the fact that tegan went over to grandpa's during the session!

oooh and i am feeling much appreciated by perkins this evening. who would turn down a $1.99 customer appreciation breakfast for dinner? not me. and the best part was when jadee told sawyer - this is a restaurant NOT a circus. priceless!!!

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