Wednesday, April 14, 2010

day 73 | babies everywhere

according to tatum - there are babies EVERYWHERE! yes, we have had quite a few babies at our house this last week and they have all had adorable names. todays picture of the day is from my 12 week old that came into the studio today. she is ADORABLE!

we are starting to see signs of summer - sunshine, high-70's, dandelions popping up everywhere, our neighbor pete's yard perfectly mowed, trimmed, and dandelion free. ah pete. he makes my whole week sometimes.

once again, tegan is off school for the next two days. i swear - all this time off is given because they know i am going to go insane this summer. they better not have us vote on whether or not our kids should go year round - i think that would not be in tegan's best interest right now.

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