Monday, April 12, 2010

day 71 | another manic monday

i am happy to say that i am officially caught up on life. house semi-clean ... check. photo sessions edited to date ... check. scheduled shopping day with the girls ... check. i really do hate mondays BUT they are perfect for getting stuff done. now if only tuesday-sunday were just as perfect for accomplishing things, we would be on a roll!

so my challenge for the week is coming up with an offer for my may & june sessions. i am thinking i want to have an outside special for may and a class of 2011 senior special for june. and possibly a senior citizen day or week (not sure on that one yet)! i know you ahve some ideas and you should let me know what you think!

kim has suggested that i have more than one picture a day but i am still debating on that one. some days it would be good - other days not so good. so we will see on that one. my first newborn session went well ... i didn't get as many shots as i would have liked because i started to panic - BUT it's a good start!

oooooooh ... and even though i can't stand john mayer - i am loving his "heartbreak warfare" song. now if i could just get it out of my head!

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