Friday, April 30, 2010

day 89 | sibling rivalry

picture of the day: pre-sibling rivalry ;) this was the adorable newborn i took pictures of last week! this week, we tried to get some pictures with big sister ella & get some of her by herself. one of the joys of working with babies and children is that they are ALL over the place and ella was no different! i guess in the end, as long as they LOOK soft, sweet, and cooperative, that's all that matters! thus the reason there are TWO pictures of the day - i couldn't decide on alone or together!

conner & ella are exactly the same age difference as tegan & tatum are. wow - i can't believe tegan was that little when tate was born. of course, back then tegan also liked tatum - i can't believe they liked each other! ah the joys of sibling rivalry.

poor tate is still sick :( today we went back to the dr and she was given steroids and cough syrup with codeine. BRING ON the sleep!!! it is much needed around this house.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

day 88 | tanner b

tanner b. he was a little confused in this picture as he wasn't sure of his footing on the stairs, BUT i love the natural light on his face. those big blue eyes just seem to pop. we got quite a few pictures for his 18m selection - and then it was off to lunch.

tonight is the end of my three days "off" and it's back to taking pictures tomorrow. i have three sessions and one is with a newborn i did last week, but this time he will be bringing his big sister. can't wait to see how those turn out.

dinner with the inlaws tonight ... nothing like bribing them for dinner so tegan can get a haircut!! ;) tegan was getting quite the afro. thankfully that's gone just in time for the assembly this weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

day 87 | full moon

after a couple of months of experimenting with the 7d - i am finally starting to figure it out for night settings. it's about time i suppose - but it all comes from trial and error.

tonight we had a nice girls night out. i i am loving that ground round has went completely smoke free too!! it's nice to be able to sit and enjoy nice conversation without the smoke haze! and you don't come home smelling like it anymore either. much nicer!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day 86 | lake tomah reflection

slice of chicago ... mmm. it couldn't have been needed more than on a day like today. after a couple of days with very little sleep, i feel like my head is going to fall off my neck. poor tatum was up again all night coughing - but we got her new nebulizer medicine today and here's hoping to a more peaceful night!

Monday, April 26, 2010

day 85 | croup

i have been up since 2am and it has been a loooooooonnnnnnnnng day in every sense. tatum has decided to get tegan's cold and was up all night with a barky cough. between coughing, crying, and screaming that spongebob does not run continuously for 24 hours a day - i am about to fall on my face. me + no sleep = disaster! after a trip to urgent care this evening, she has croup and is back on nebs for the time being. hopefully it will bea short course and life will be good again by the weekend!

yes, my photos of the day are lacking - but tomorrow i will actually venture out of my house. slice of chicago is calling my name as is a friendly game of nerts. friendly as in - i will probably have dna under my fingernails by the end of the night ;)

i did get this photo of the day edited this morning from yesterday's session. prom -i can't believe it's already that time of year again! my how the year has flown by. and i just realized that day 100 of my blog will be my anniversary - nothing like putting the pressure on for a good picture of the day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

day 84 | photography website

for those of you who know me well - i don't stay satisfied for long. from a creative aspect, there is always something i want to change or design and my website always seems to get the brunt of it! since we've been in business for two months as a studio - we've decided to relaunch the website with a push toward the class of 2011 seniors. now i am halfway through and it just needs to get finished.

today has been a looooooong day! both kids now have colds - tegan with the worst of it. struggling from lack of sleep, both tys and i take turns answering their EVERY need! two photo sessions this afternoon - both were a lot of fun! i love families that come in and have a creative sense to them, it makes for a great photo session. two more photo sessions tomorrow and hopefully a finished website. hopefully ;)!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

day 83 | class of 2011

technically this isn't a "picture" i took today, BUT it's a picture i created today, so i guess technically it gets to count as the picture of the day. i have spent several hours creating and recreating the flyers i am sending out to 280 tomah juniors. it has taken forever, but i am finally done with it. they have been ordered and should hopefully be here by the end of the week, so there is no turning back now!

i have had a major lazy day. tegan is sick with what seems to be a sinus infection or cold of some sort. it has rained and been gloomy all day. the house is semi-clean, floors mopped, checkbook balanced, bills paid, and yes, senior flyers created. i can finally check off all the little things that i have been putting off. well not all, but quite a few.

today's major photo session was cancelled due to the rain :( i had a trash the dress session in la crosse and it was going to be SO much fun. but, we will reschedule and it will still be exciting! tomorrow i have two photo sessions - one for a family and one for prom.

Friday, April 23, 2010

day 82 | treasure hunting

garage sale season has begun and i am a very happy partaker! today's special of the day came from the warrens city wide. 27 pairs of jeans (mostly from old navy) and 9 shirts all for the grand total of ... $9. what a wonderful day for me! these were NICE jeans too, especially for a little boy who wears size 6. no holes - perfect condition - made not only my day BUT saved me from having to do so much school shopping come this august!

tried to take a nap but that was unsuccessful! :( caught up on my sessions for the week. still need to do my flyers for the school and figure out my advertisement for may. out to dinner with the inlaws. and now it's time to settle in and watch some america's next top model!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

day 81 | predictable meltdown

it's thursday. every thursday at around 6pm, tegan has a meltdown. i don't know if it's because it's his last day of school and he's WAY overtired or if he's played too hard all week, but thursday's are dreaded in our house. it starts with uncontrollable sobbing, screaming, sometimes we even get kicking. whatever it is, by thursday at around 8pm, i am ready to have my own little meltdown.

thankfully, prior to the meltdown, i was able to shoot this adorable newborn. he was not going to have his picture taken at first and he did everything to fight it - but in the end, he gave in. this is just a sneak peek since due to said meltdown, it's bedtime!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

day 80 | popping wheelies

we have officially completed another milestone in the pichette household. buh bye training wheels. tegan learned how to ride his bike without them and about an hour later he was popping wheelies. he is running around to everyone saying "are you proud of me?" it is sooooo cute.

today's photo of the day comes courtesy of five day old brayden. he was wide awake for most of the shoot and even when he wasn't awake - he looked adorable sleeping! this was my favorite one from the shoot (well it was a toss up between this one and a black & white of the same pose) ... i just love how it looks like he is playing peek a boo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day 79 | not a morning person

today has been a LONG day! for those of you who don't know me well (those of you who do know me will totally agree with this statement) mornings are not my forte. i am NOT a morning person! so when i have to be in sparta for a meeting at 8am ... 1) i am not going to be happy & 2) i am probably going to be late ... especially when i have to go and get blood drawn at the clinic BEFORE i can go anywhere to end my fasting.

needless to say, this is how the day started and it wasn't an awesome day. i did take a nap today for the first time in FOREVER and although it didn't get rid of my pounding headache - it did feel AWESOME!!! :)

i didn't have much for a picture of day. crankiness and picture taking don't really go hand in hand - BUT i did receive $10 in change from my lovely gas station. i NEVER have cash ... i am PURE debit card ... so to me this is something new and exciting. what can i do with $10 ...

nevermind - tyson took it :(

Monday, April 19, 2010

day 78 | pear tree blossoms

todays picture of the day comes from the edge of my lawn. the neighbor behind us has a pear tree that hangs over onto our side of the fence. in fact, i'm pretty sure that all the pears are on our side of the fence and we always end up with an excess of pears. a person can only eat so many pears! i didn't realize, however, until tonight that pear blossoms are actually very pretty - and i'm not even a flower kind of girl!

today was tyson's day off and we spent most of it organizing. well i was organizing - he was going behind me disorganizing. i am seriously thinking about getting 10 outfits per person and getting rid of the rest. i HATE laundry. and seriously - what 3½ year old needs 50+ dresses that all fit?

this evening i had another family session. it has been super busy here at the studio and there isn't much of an end in sight (which is a good thing)! i am starting to feel a little under pressure. between managing the dj business, running a photography studio, and taking care of the kids - i am messing up schedules and missing appointments (thankfully not photography appointments)! i still have a ton of editing, ordering, uploading, and marketing to do ... and it's only monday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

day 77 | editing, editing, editing

you shall be disappointed today - i did not take ANY pictures. i didn't even touch my camera today. :( however, i did spend the whole afternoon editing senior pictures from yesterday. i had to use another pictures from taylre's senior session as the picture of the day - she was such an awesome model!!

tegan isn't feeling the best - he says his stomach hurts. tatum is crabbier than ever. bedtime could not have come early enough tonight. thankfully they called grandma kathy who is on vacation in new york and that seemed to cheer them up for a minute - or two. now it's time to watch me some celebrity apprentice and i'm off to bed!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

day 76 | senior sessions begin

today was an AWESOME day!! senior sessions started and it was sooooooo much fun!! i LOVE being outside and i couldn't have had a more perfect senior model. taylre was ready for anything and willing to go anywhere. it was so windy out though i really thought we were going to run into problems, but thankfully we had a lot of fun and got a lot of great shots!

i am in LOVE with this picture of the day - though we ended up with 297 pictures to choose from and i haven't started editing yet. the color and the lighting ... i just LOVE it! hopefully she does too! :)

now, i am seriously off to bed. yes, i know that is a sign i am getting old - but after spending hours outside, i am exhausted. ah the joys of being 30.92.

Friday, April 16, 2010

day 75 | twinkle little star

there is a little star in that picture somewhere. it was so peaceful out this evening. of course, this was while jadee and i were in the car with tanner (who is the perfect driving companion)! it suddenly came to an end when we got back to my house and there were three little kids running around everywhere. for a moment though, there was peace on cady ave!

today i had two photo sessions. both were a lot of fun - but the latter one was tegan's buddy from school. i always hear dawson this, dawson that - so it was nice to put a face with dawson! he and his brother were both SO cooperative!! that might of had something to do with the fact that tegan went over to grandpa's during the session!

oooh and i am feeling much appreciated by perkins this evening. who would turn down a $1.99 customer appreciation breakfast for dinner? not me. and the best part was when jadee told sawyer - this is a restaurant NOT a circus. priceless!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

day 74 | band aids in bulk

ahhh. the dreaded 3rd quarter parent/teacher conferences. haha. i always get nervous and i'm always told that tegan is doing awesome. he's so wild and crazy at home - i am glad he listens for someone!!

also, in preparation for summer, we have bought spongebob band aids in bulk! BUILK! and we are seriously a couple of boxes in. todays nose dive comes courtesy of tegan vs. the skateboard.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

day 73 | babies everywhere

according to tatum - there are babies EVERYWHERE! yes, we have had quite a few babies at our house this last week and they have all had adorable names. todays picture of the day is from my 12 week old that came into the studio today. she is ADORABLE!

we are starting to see signs of summer - sunshine, high-70's, dandelions popping up everywhere, our neighbor pete's yard perfectly mowed, trimmed, and dandelion free. ah pete. he makes my whole week sometimes.

once again, tegan is off school for the next two days. i swear - all this time off is given because they know i am going to go insane this summer. they better not have us vote on whether or not our kids should go year round - i think that would not be in tegan's best interest right now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

day 72 | shopping 'til dusk

unfortunately, our shopping day got away from us today. we lost track of time and didn't get home until the sun was setting. it did make for a gorgeous picture ... and possibly, some angry husbands ?!? oops! but the sales were soooooo good and it was nice to get away without the kids. i think we may have elizabeth hooked on shopping the outlets!

tomorrow it's back to reality and more photo sessions! i have a 3 month old in the morning followed by a couple in the afternoon. tyson has the day off also, so maybe, just maybe we will accomplish something.

now to go and put away all the new clothes i got for the kids. i hate when they outgrow everything at once. it would be so much easier if it was a piece here or there.

Monday, April 12, 2010

day 71 | another manic monday

i am happy to say that i am officially caught up on life. house semi-clean ... check. photo sessions edited to date ... check. scheduled shopping day with the girls ... check. i really do hate mondays BUT they are perfect for getting stuff done. now if only tuesday-sunday were just as perfect for accomplishing things, we would be on a roll!

so my challenge for the week is coming up with an offer for my may & june sessions. i am thinking i want to have an outside special for may and a class of 2011 senior special for june. and possibly a senior citizen day or week (not sure on that one yet)! i know you ahve some ideas and you should let me know what you think!

kim has suggested that i have more than one picture a day but i am still debating on that one. some days it would be good - other days not so good. so we will see on that one. my first newborn session went well ... i didn't get as many shots as i would have liked because i started to panic - BUT it's a good start!

oooooooh ... and even though i can't stand john mayer - i am loving his "heartbreak warfare" song. now if i could just get it out of my head!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

day 70 | best studio photo girl

tonight i was nominated "best studio photo girl" by my favorite son. he has decided that since we have people constantly coming in and out of our house, it has to be true. ah - how i enjoy the days where my son still thinks that i am smarter than him and loves me unconditionally.

had two photo sessions today - both were a lot of fun! i love doing the twenty minute photo sessions, but i must admit i am really looking forward to my senior session next weekend. getting outside and getting some fresh air while putting the new camera to the test should be a blast! i am also excited for the baby that is coming tomorrow!

there were a few pictures to choose from today - but, today's picture of the day comes courtesy of my talented brother-in-law cade. yes, he can start alcohol on fire!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

day 69 | "date night" date night

"date night" on date night. how cliche. haha. i am not a steve carrell fan BUT i LOVE tina fey and i must admit that i was pleasantly surprised with the movie. it was HILARIOUS! probably more so because i can relate to being married and having kids and the whole shebang. very hilarious. haven't laughed that hard in quite some time.

spending the evening with five other couples ... no kids ... a movie ... ground round ... caesar salad (again) ... what could make a more perfect date night? okay - yes, one thing could have made it more perfect - dave & jessica :( i miss them!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

day 68 | home sweet home

venting does the body good! that is over with - and today we moved on! my mom, tatum, and i all headed back home to viroqua for a visit. for some reason - despite living in tomah for 8 years - i still have to go home for my $6 hair cut and get my lunch at cheese corner! plus, we ran into the afternoon service group so it was great to see A LOT of our old friends.

for those of you who don't know what the cheese corner is - you are soooooooo missing out! it is glorious. it takes subway and knocks it down below recognition. brown bag it and you are good to go. mmmmmm. so that had to be my picture of the day, although there were MANY to choose from! one possibility - tatum peeing outside for the first time in an emergency situation. very good stuff!

after driving back home from viroqua, i decided to run down to the dells. my schedule has been pretty full and i knew if i didn't go - i wasn't going to be able to use my $20 place perks. that would be devestating - i never turn down $20 in free children's clothes! of course, i might have came home with much more than the children's place - BUT it was still worth it. i haven't been shopping in months!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

day 67 | fruit loops

i rarely use my blog to vent since obviously it's a photography blog. however, today is going to have to be a little different. i have been venting all day. ALL day. seriously - ask tyson. ask pretty much everyone i've talked to today.

what am i venting about?!? well ... since you asked (and you know you were going to anyway) here it is. first off, if you're going to try and rip off my sales pitches and local customers - at least be good at what you do. don't start a photography facebook fan page and try to push your crappy pictures on customers while offering walmart developing as a professional print option. walmart is not professional ... neither is walgreens, snapfish, kodak gallery, etc. these are NOT examples of professional prints.

secondly, don't stand solely on the basis that your photography is your passion. if you are a true photographer, it should be your passion. it should be something YOU are excited about and it should be something you want to pour all your creativity into. you shouldn't have to put fancy borders that cut off peoples heads, turn pictures into another color, or rely solely on editing software to push your portraits. and you should at least have enough creativity to brand yourself, being able to come up with your own sales pitch without having to try and be someone else or try and sell your 20 portraits for $20.

thirdly, besides the fruit loops that i must vent about - fruit loops do make a good bedtime snack ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

day 66 | natalie portraits

today is an amazing day .... why, you might ask. because i am feeling awesome! i got SOOOOO much accomplished and i'm back to normal. mom is back in action and i started with the toy closet. my children won't see what hit them.

natalie came in for some more portraits today and we tried some with her native attire. we ended up getting quite a few different shots and poses, but there is just something about this one that i keep coming back to.

and my favorite news of the day, i have officially finished editing my 1st wedding. i am done. it's an amazing feeling. now i have four or five more sessions to finish out the week AND a trip to viroqua ... followed by DATE NIGHT with some of the bestest friends ever!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day 65 | it rains it hails

only in wisconsin can you go from snow ... to 70ยบ with sunshine ... to rain, hail, and back to the low 50's in a month's span. today we had our first spring storm. somehow, we manage to live in the perfect spot. right in between two interstates in this little niche that manages to escape major storms for the most part.

i was actually surprised when i went outside and saw all the hail falling ... and then freaking out because my car wasn't in the garage. thankfully no damage and it only lasted for maybe 30 seconds or so.

it was soooooooo peaceful today. i was finally feeling up to editing some wedding pictures and i could do it in peace. tegan was at school ... tatum took a nap (this is so rare - it's sooooo worth mentioning!) ... tyson was sleeping. perfect day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

day 64 | rain drops

it is time to get back to some real pictures ... although using the green screen was pretty fun! finally - this evening, i am STARTING to feel better. i went to the dr today and he gave me an antibiotic (which i know hasn't started working yet) and some steroids (which must be doing the trick)!

tyson took the kids to his parents house for dinner and it was actually peaceful for a bit. i must admit i am kind of excited school is starting up again tomorrow. those three hours a day keep tegan's mind busy and he looks forward to it. everything goes back to normal (for another couple months) tomorrow!!

tonight i am just going to enjoy the rain, my caesar salad, and my giant water jug!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

day 63 | wild horses

i am going on what feels like day fifty of being sick. pretty sure it hasn't been that long - but it's starting to feel like it. it better be gone by tomorrow or i will have to protest!!

yes, i did take A LOT of tylenol & ibuprofen today ... i just want to make sure you're seeing what i see?!?!?!?!?!?!

'nuf said!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

day 62 | good riddance weeds

still sick :( and not liking it one bit. my mommy has been taking care of me lol. that's how pathetic i've been the last couple of days. i have slept for most of it and i am starting to feel a tad bit better - just not pushing it!

while i was asleep, tegan was caught cutting the "weeds" over by the garage ... also known as my flowers that were coming up on day 49. he got most of them but there are a few left. kind of hard to get mad at him when he really thought he was helping me get rid of the weeds.

tatum has found a love for finger painting. she is obsessed. we have went through almost a whole thing of paint and a whole pad of construction paper. thank goodness we can always buy more.

and at some point while i was sleeping, my tulips have opened. tomorrow will be MUCH better i am hoping!

Friday, April 2, 2010

day 61 | chicken rice

i have once again gotten sick (and it is CRAPPY!!!) sore ears, sore throat, aching muscles, coughing, headache - all the joys of a sping cold. needless to say i didn't accomplish much today.

i did eat some chicken flavored rice at 9pm tonight (one of my favorite meals ever) which was the first meal of the day. i did nothing else. thank goodness my mom was here to help with the kids and tys was up earlier today.

tatum is going through some sort of a terrible three - whiney, screaming, and BLAH! i hope it's a phase that will pass. we shall see!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

day 60 | busy as a bee

today i was busy as a bee ... or so i'd like to think :) tyson didn't have to work last night which means he didn't have to sleep today ... which means we could actually clean the upstairs! it was a DISASTER! we haven't hardly been up there except to change clothes quick and run back downstairs - so it definitely needed it.

thankfully cleaning can be checked off my list. now if i just had the ambition to finish editing the 1200 wedding pictures i have left to go through. that's my goal for the weekend.

this afternoon i took pictures of the wilson boys. we were trying to get all three together. notice the word "trying!" we got some good ones of them separately - but every time they were together, either james was making a funny face or lucas wasn't having it. maybe (hopefully) there is one of all three or we can create something! but, for the time being - here is a picture of thomas. he had posing down!