Wednesday, March 31, 2010

day 59 | family day

my newborn session got cancelled today because the mom was super sick :*( they are rescheduled - so i still have that to look forward. since i had the cancellation and tegan is still off of school for what seems to be an eternal amount of time, we decided to have a family day.

it started with swimming with grandma & grandpa and ended with taking the kids to the theater. tegan really wanted to see "how to train your dragon." it was actually super cute - all four of us really enjoyed it.

that being said - i didn't carry my camera with me today. i know - shame! BUT - seriously, can you see me carrying my 7d next to water? not going to happen (per tyson's orders)! i did however spend some of the day editing pictures from the wedding i did last saturday ... so here's another sneak peak. :) tomorrow i promise to take a picture.

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