Friday, March 26, 2010

day 54 | wedding jitters

jessica FINALLY came to visit me (about stinking time - i go there ALL THE TIME)! hehe. okay - i know she is reading this and i have to pick on her. i am a bad friend - i don't go to rapids hardly ever :( thank goodness she still loves me and comes to see me.

i also got to take pictures of my little buddy sam, who is QUITE the poser! he had everything down and would say, "what if we tried this." haha. i was dying laughing. but he had a lot of fun and it shows in his picture.

went to jake & danah's wedding rehearsal tonight and took some pictures plus got all the music set-up for tomorrow night. this is the official first wedding that i am in charge of for pictures - so i am SUPER excited and yet FREAKING out at the same time! :) let's all hope i'm not the one who passes out ;) thankfully they are PERFECT for my first wedding!

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