Thursday, March 25, 2010

day 53 | adrenaline pumping

boy oh boy do i have adrenaline and caffeine issues today! i am so hyped up (at one point my hands were literally shaking from all the dr. pepper) over the wedding this coming weekend. there are so many things i want to remember and NOT miss and i'm at the point where i am pretty sure i am over-thinking everything.

i did, however, get a nice break this afternoon when addyson came in for her photo session. the picture of the day is of addyson playing peek-a-boo. unfortunately we weren't able to go outside because it was cold (and i say it with contempt as if i haven't been spoiled with this warm march wisconsin weather)!

tonight was peaceful, surprisingly. the kids are tired after a long week and i bribed them to go to bed early so they could have more energy to play with jack & sam tomorrow. i am ready for some alka seltzer ... i found out my pancreas doesn't like tacos on wednesday any more than it likes tacos on tuesday. what a shame - they are so darn good!

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