Saturday, March 20, 2010

day 48 | introducing eric

i had a photo session today with some good friends of ours. they made the drive down from black river falls to get some family shots & some of their son. i am always amazed by eric. he is
three weeks older than Tegan (THREE weeks!) and almost a foot taller. okay, maybe not quite a foot, but it sure seems like it. haha.

i loved getting eric's toothless smile grins. they were so cute. i can't wait until i can get some of tegan (although he begs to differ - he has nightmares about his teeth falling out). someday.

i know i haven't had much to offer this week - BUT! tomorrow is the dawn of a new day & a new week! i am feeling 100% better and i am ready to get back in action and start taking more than just studio pictures (or pictures that can be taken where i don't have to walk around much ... ie light bulbs, clouds, etc) but until tomorrow, there is today :) and here is my picture of toothless eric!

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