Friday, March 19, 2010

day 47 | energy effecient

how to be energy effecient the retarded way ... don't change all your light bulbs so that they match. i have a matching obsession. i asked tyson to change the light bulbs for me in the kitchen (which was my 1st mistake). we have 10 ft ceilings and there is no possible way i can change them (do you really want me carrying a light bulb up a ladder? i didn't think so).

at any rate - this is what i came back to. one energy effecient light bulb ... two not so much. so now of course, it's driving me insane. we can get energy effecient light bulbs for like $1 a piece at the hardware store. argh!

ooooh. and who says a little blue pill can't make your life better? obviously they haven't tried meclizene. it's amazing. no dizziness and i can even walk straight :) buh bye inner ear infection!

and to my beloved friend jessica - i have two words for you. cookie much?

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