Thursday, March 18, 2010

day 46 | blarney skies

today is a good day. why? a) because i finally went to see a doctor and got drugs for my inner ear infection. they have taken away most the dizziness and i don't feel compelled to puke every time i stand up. and i don't have strep - which is a DEFINITE good thing.

b) because jessica got a new phone and after TWO weeks of not being able to text, we can text again. poor verizon is going to be running slow again. our first conversation - blarney. why can't we use the word blarney in everyday conversations. it's actually a good word. like - oh blarney, i have an ear infection. i've missed these insightful conversations.

c) and finally, because my children are EXHAUSTED. they have played outside pretty much ALL day and man, does fresh air wear them out. and make them dirty. so it's tubby time and then off to bed! :)

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