Wednesday, March 17, 2010

day 45 | special treatment

i am STILL sick and i am HATING it. no sore throat. no sore ears. feel great except for every time i move i get super dizzy and puke, thus reinforcing the ear infection theory. argh. thirty years old and still getting ear infections - it's INSANE.

at any rate - i did not much do of anything today. tried to meet some friends for dinner but ended up getting dizzy & had to come home. you know i had to be REALLY sick to miss out on pizones. :(

tatum had a special treat while tegan was at school today. grandpa pulled his school bus right up in front of our house. she LOVES to ride on the school bus. she will get to go on the route now that it's actually warmer, but for today, she got to climb all over on it.

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