Monday, March 15, 2010

day 43 | march flip flops

sun + heat = less mud :) and in the words of ni hao kai-lan, this makes my heart sooooo happy!

those of you who know me well also know my love for nike flip flops. i can happily announce they have officially been broken out for 2010 (not that i ever really put them away)! tegan was about to have a heart attack today when i told him he didn't have to wear snowpants to school. he said he didn't want to get into trouble with ms. johnson. haha. i had to point out about twenty times that there was no snow, thus no need for SNOWpants. and that was before we even got to the hat or the gloves.

at any rate, today was full of accomplishments even though jadee and i did take out time to catch up on our "brothers & sisters." one, put away the new pots & pans we bought. two, photography website has been revamped into a more gallery-esque website which can be seen at:

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