Sunday, March 14, 2010

day 42 | lakeside sun

68º and gorgeous. wisconsinites would be happy with 68º on a june day! not even a week ago the ground was covered in snow - so this is definitely something to be excited about. now if we could just get rid of all the mud.

after our meeting today, i had a great session with a 1yr old little girl. she was in the perfect mood & we got some neat pictures of her. afterwards, tys and i took the kids for a walk around the lake (we walked - they rode their bikes).

it's unbelievable how much tatum has changed in a year. she has absolutely no problem keeping up to her big brother on her bike. now comes the challenge of trying to get tegan to have the courage to ride without training wheels. we shall see!

ps. jessica, do i really have to say it again??!?!???!??!?!?

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