Wednesday, March 31, 2010

day 59 | family day

my newborn session got cancelled today because the mom was super sick :*( they are rescheduled - so i still have that to look forward. since i had the cancellation and tegan is still off of school for what seems to be an eternal amount of time, we decided to have a family day.

it started with swimming with grandma & grandpa and ended with taking the kids to the theater. tegan really wanted to see "how to train your dragon." it was actually super cute - all four of us really enjoyed it.

that being said - i didn't carry my camera with me today. i know - shame! BUT - seriously, can you see me carrying my 7d next to water? not going to happen (per tyson's orders)! i did however spend some of the day editing pictures from the wedding i did last saturday ... so here's another sneak peak. :) tomorrow i promise to take a picture.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

day 58 | memorial 2010

tonight i attended my 30th memorial. that's 30 years of wondering whether or not i was going to spill the wine. 30 years of trying not to spill the bread. 30 years. memorial 2010. it always fills me with happiness when i think of the millions of witnesses around the globe doing the exact same thing at the exact same time (with small time differences of course). plus it warms my heart to know that there are a lot who are afraid of spilling the wine. ;)

what an honor to be in attendance and show appreciate for all that jesus did on our behalf and the provisions that were made for us to be forgiven our sins. sometimes it's easy to forget what our priorities are (for me specifically) and i just need a reminder!

today i wore the kids out by letting them run at the park and play outside here at home. just like every other year at memorial time, i had to take their picture together (thus, the picture of the day)! they were perfect at the memorial - i couldn't have been prouder.

30 years of memorial also marks my 15th year of going to culver's afterwards. mmmmm - grilled cheese & ice cream! it's so funny how traditions start. i remember going and doing the exact same thing with my friends back in viroqua. the tradition continues, as this year we went with tyson's family & some friends.

now, it is WAY past my bedtime and i am headed there. i am SUPER stoked to do my first newborn tomorrow - a little girl. can't wait!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

day 57 | drive in

we had to take a drive to sparta this afternoon because tyson had a meeting at work. since tegan is off school for the week, we decided to let him run off some energy at mcdonald's playland. i wish tomah had one - it would make life SO much easier!!

then we took them for a treat to rudy's drive in. it was a little too cold to sit outside, but the kids were in LOVE with their cotton candy / bubblegum mixed ice cream cones. of course, that just makes them want summer to come all the more!

on a side note - happy 46th anniversary to my mom & dad!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

day 56 | very spoiled

there are many advantages to being an only child. for instance, your parents watch your children when you have to work. occasionally, if you're REALLY spoiled, your mom does your laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, mopping, and everything in between.

yes, i am VERY spoiled! i came home to a perfectly clean house, fresh laundry, and flowers. my mommy loves me! :) plus she thought my house was a disaster. i swear she times it so that every time she stops over - my house IS actually a disaster! :)

ah well - spent most of the day recovering from a migraine and i'm already wishing that tomorrow was the monday the kids go back to school. this is going to be one, very LONG week!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

day 55 | mr & mrs tornga

tonight i can add a new job to my resume ... wedding photographer. yes, i have taken pictures at other wedding in the past, but never as the one in charge and responsible for what turns out.

i was so worried this whole week about not having enough confidence to jump into a leadership role and start telling people what to do and where to be. when the time came, however, i even surprised myself and took the bull by the horns.

this was the PERFECT family to work with! everyone was fun, excited, and they were ready for this day! i also had the perfect assistant - ode to kim - who was able to help the bride in her time of need.

being that the family was sooooooo great, kim & i ended up getting lost in the moments and didn't know when to STOP shooting. 2600 pictures later, we now have the task of sorting some (a lot) out!

congratulations jake & danah!

Friday, March 26, 2010

day 54 | wedding jitters

jessica FINALLY came to visit me (about stinking time - i go there ALL THE TIME)! hehe. okay - i know she is reading this and i have to pick on her. i am a bad friend - i don't go to rapids hardly ever :( thank goodness she still loves me and comes to see me.

i also got to take pictures of my little buddy sam, who is QUITE the poser! he had everything down and would say, "what if we tried this." haha. i was dying laughing. but he had a lot of fun and it shows in his picture.

went to jake & danah's wedding rehearsal tonight and took some pictures plus got all the music set-up for tomorrow night. this is the official first wedding that i am in charge of for pictures - so i am SUPER excited and yet FREAKING out at the same time! :) let's all hope i'm not the one who passes out ;) thankfully they are PERFECT for my first wedding!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

day 53 | adrenaline pumping

boy oh boy do i have adrenaline and caffeine issues today! i am so hyped up (at one point my hands were literally shaking from all the dr. pepper) over the wedding this coming weekend. there are so many things i want to remember and NOT miss and i'm at the point where i am pretty sure i am over-thinking everything.

i did, however, get a nice break this afternoon when addyson came in for her photo session. the picture of the day is of addyson playing peek-a-boo. unfortunately we weren't able to go outside because it was cold (and i say it with contempt as if i haven't been spoiled with this warm march wisconsin weather)!

tonight was peaceful, surprisingly. the kids are tired after a long week and i bribed them to go to bed early so they could have more energy to play with jack & sam tomorrow. i am ready for some alka seltzer ... i found out my pancreas doesn't like tacos on wednesday any more than it likes tacos on tuesday. what a shame - they are so darn good!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

day 52 | radio advertisement

today was a BUSY day! tyson and i recorded our first radio ads couresty of club timberwood. for two weeks we will be advertising our photography as well as our wedding packages. i am kind of excited to see what happens with it - who knows, maybe it will be our new way to advertise.

i had two photography sessions today, both with adorable baby boys. it was a nice change since i'm used to getting little girls and all their frills (which i love just as much!). the picture of the day is actually baby steven. he was HILARIOUS!! his favorite word - backpack (from dora)!

throw in some more bleeding (tegan fell off his bike and skinned up his elbow and knee) and we will call it a day!! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

day 51 | daytime moon

tatum was VERY insistant that i take a picture of the moon that was above our house this afternoon. it was kind of neat - half the moon in a perfectly blue sky. of course, this was before she fell and put a split in her head that is blooding all over (this is her description of what happened)!

accomplishments were great today - i got my january & february taxes completed for 2011 :) yes, i am that far ahead (for once)! do not expect it to continue, but it was nice while it lasted.

now it's the middle of a crazy hectic week. i have to figure out my radio ad because the guy is coming tomorrow to record it and i haven't the slightest clue what i am going to say or what i even want to feature. BUT i do get to have baby sessions tomorrow so that should keep me happy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

day 50 | life lesson one

life lesson one: do not leave your bike laying behind my van ... i WILL run it over! lesson learned (i think). tatum is insisting that it is my fault that her bike was ran over (which i can see how she might think this) ... however my question is, how did the bike get there in the first place?!?

watching tatum pedal with all of her might and get nowhere was actually quite amusing, until the frustration set in, followed by tears. thankfully daddy was able to salvage the crushed training wheel.

what would life be without mondays?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

day 49 | spring has sprung

today was GORGEOUS! i even went on a little nature walk. okay, it was more like this ... i opened the back door, walked the twenty or so feet past the garage, and caught tatum trying to dip her toes in the pool. i still was outside AND i discovered some nature ... therefore qualifying as a "nature walk."

i am not a gardener (i never have claimed to be) and i haven't the slightest clue as to what kind of flowers these are going to be (tys says lillies, my mom says daffodils, and i thought it was going to be an iris). you would think one of us would remember since they have came up every spring for the last three years.

it's just another sign that yesterday truly was the first day of spring! now if we can just avoid march going out like a lion, we'll be doing good!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

day 48 | introducing eric

i had a photo session today with some good friends of ours. they made the drive down from black river falls to get some family shots & some of their son. i am always amazed by eric. he is
three weeks older than Tegan (THREE weeks!) and almost a foot taller. okay, maybe not quite a foot, but it sure seems like it. haha.

i loved getting eric's toothless smile grins. they were so cute. i can't wait until i can get some of tegan (although he begs to differ - he has nightmares about his teeth falling out). someday.

i know i haven't had much to offer this week - BUT! tomorrow is the dawn of a new day & a new week! i am feeling 100% better and i am ready to get back in action and start taking more than just studio pictures (or pictures that can be taken where i don't have to walk around much ... ie light bulbs, clouds, etc) but until tomorrow, there is today :) and here is my picture of toothless eric!

Friday, March 19, 2010

day 47 | energy effecient

how to be energy effecient the retarded way ... don't change all your light bulbs so that they match. i have a matching obsession. i asked tyson to change the light bulbs for me in the kitchen (which was my 1st mistake). we have 10 ft ceilings and there is no possible way i can change them (do you really want me carrying a light bulb up a ladder? i didn't think so).

at any rate - this is what i came back to. one energy effecient light bulb ... two not so much. so now of course, it's driving me insane. we can get energy effecient light bulbs for like $1 a piece at the hardware store. argh!

ooooh. and who says a little blue pill can't make your life better? obviously they haven't tried meclizene. it's amazing. no dizziness and i can even walk straight :) buh bye inner ear infection!

and to my beloved friend jessica - i have two words for you. cookie much?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

day 46 | blarney skies

today is a good day. why? a) because i finally went to see a doctor and got drugs for my inner ear infection. they have taken away most the dizziness and i don't feel compelled to puke every time i stand up. and i don't have strep - which is a DEFINITE good thing.

b) because jessica got a new phone and after TWO weeks of not being able to text, we can text again. poor verizon is going to be running slow again. our first conversation - blarney. why can't we use the word blarney in everyday conversations. it's actually a good word. like - oh blarney, i have an ear infection. i've missed these insightful conversations.

c) and finally, because my children are EXHAUSTED. they have played outside pretty much ALL day and man, does fresh air wear them out. and make them dirty. so it's tubby time and then off to bed! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

day 45 | special treatment

i am STILL sick and i am HATING it. no sore throat. no sore ears. feel great except for every time i move i get super dizzy and puke, thus reinforcing the ear infection theory. argh. thirty years old and still getting ear infections - it's INSANE.

at any rate - i did not much do of anything today. tried to meet some friends for dinner but ended up getting dizzy & had to come home. you know i had to be REALLY sick to miss out on pizones. :(

tatum had a special treat while tegan was at school today. grandpa pulled his school bus right up in front of our house. she LOVES to ride on the school bus. she will get to go on the route now that it's actually warmer, but for today, she got to climb all over on it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

day 44 | sick day

sick days are not nearly as fun as snow days. i am sick. majorily sick. i am trying my hardest to refrain from swallowing - it hurts temendously. i am trying even harder to stop puking. i am 90% sure i have an inner ear infection and debating whether i should actually go to the doctor. not cool.

so, today's blog will be short & sweet. i did not take ANY pictures today. :( that's how horrible i feel! i decided instead to use a picture of the adorable 1 year old i took pictures of on sunday. i promise that i will be back tomorrow (hopefully)!

Monday, March 15, 2010

day 43 | march flip flops

sun + heat = less mud :) and in the words of ni hao kai-lan, this makes my heart sooooo happy!

those of you who know me well also know my love for nike flip flops. i can happily announce they have officially been broken out for 2010 (not that i ever really put them away)! tegan was about to have a heart attack today when i told him he didn't have to wear snowpants to school. he said he didn't want to get into trouble with ms. johnson. haha. i had to point out about twenty times that there was no snow, thus no need for SNOWpants. and that was before we even got to the hat or the gloves.

at any rate, today was full of accomplishments even though jadee and i did take out time to catch up on our "brothers & sisters." one, put away the new pots & pans we bought. two, photography website has been revamped into a more gallery-esque website which can be seen at:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

day 42 | lakeside sun

68º and gorgeous. wisconsinites would be happy with 68º on a june day! not even a week ago the ground was covered in snow - so this is definitely something to be excited about. now if we could just get rid of all the mud.

after our meeting today, i had a great session with a 1yr old little girl. she was in the perfect mood & we got some neat pictures of her. afterwards, tys and i took the kids for a walk around the lake (we walked - they rode their bikes).

it's unbelievable how much tatum has changed in a year. she has absolutely no problem keeping up to her big brother on her bike. now comes the challenge of trying to get tegan to have the courage to ride without training wheels. we shall see!

ps. jessica, do i really have to say it again??!?!???!??!?!?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

day 41 | family pictures

ahhhhhh ... the dreaded family picture. we have not had a family picture that we have developed since tatum was a year old. it has been LONG overdue! thankfully, thanks to kim, we finally ended up with one. actually a couple, but this is my FAVORITE!

it wasn't easy. there was lots of screaming, fussing, and actual tears - but in the end, we look like a happy family, and that's all that matters! :) ok - so it took some bribery. one playstation video game and a talking dora doll later - we look like a happy family :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

day 40 | behold beauty

you know it's almost spring when dead things are starting to look beautiful. the snow is melting. the grass is coming back to life. it's warming up. it's muddy. all the tell tale signs.

tegan did end up coming home in the middle of the night - poor jadee ran him home. we were all a little tired today but we all have a good time at tegan's school for family fun day. kim came to visit. we had lunch at pizones, saw alice in wonderland, and got an awesome shipment of pictures in.

now if my bff would just get her phone fixed. YES, i am going to keep writing this EVERYDAY because i KNOW she is reading and that she misses me!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

day 39 | rain boots

tater bugs is ready for mud puddles! we took a trip to walmart today and she HAD to have these boots. she thinks they are B E A UTIFUL ... in fact, i don't think she has taken them off since we got home.

tegan is at his first sleepover with his best buddy, sawyer. actually, this is his first sleepover that doesn't involve staying with a family member. i can wait to see if he makes it all night or if i get that dreaded 3am phone call! he did take everything except for the kitchen sink with him - so i think he might actually be alright!

oh ... and get your phone fixed jessica!! :) hehe.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

day 38 | soggy days

it's SOGGY outside. or so my 3 yr old daughter says. tegan would like to know where the fireworks are because they must be beautiful to make that much smoke.

it has been foggy for almost a whole week. i don't actually mind foggy, rainy days. they always remind me of some mystery movie - you never know who is going to come walking in out of the fog. they also make me want to take a nap, which is actually what i did after my photo session and lunch with the girls.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

day 37 | not my birthday

it hasn't been a super exciting day. i haven't felt very good ... don't know if it's allergies or i'm getting a cold. either way - it needs to stop.

one thing really cute did happen today though! one of tegan's best friends, sawyer, came home from his vacation. you would think the two haven't seen each other in years!

tegan HAD to bring cupcakes to school because sawyer was coming back. we walked into class carrying the cupcakes and tegan stops everyone and says ... "it's not my birthday, my best friend sawyer is back today and i want to celebrate." it was sooooo cute!

tomorrow will be as exciting for me because one of my bff's (sawyer's mom) is back too. that means LUNCH!! lol. i should bring some cupcakes. plus i am sooooooo hoping that jessica gets her phone (& her van fixed tomorrow) because i am STILL going through texting withdrawal AND i am hoping she gets to come tomorrow afternoon.

oooooh. i didn't take many pictures today (i guess my 600+ pictures over the weekend wore me out). BUT - tegan brought me some nice dinosaur pictures that he colored at school.

Monday, March 8, 2010

day 36 | ecnalubma

i learned something new today! i did not know that the word ambulance was spelled backwards on the hood of an ambulance. haha. yes, i know - you probably ALL knew this. i did not.

how did i find this out? we bought the ambulance pictured and i asked my dad to run it back on his trip to walmart because they spelled the word wrong. he then laughed at me and had to explain to me why (which i'm still not sure i completely understand the point of it all)!

when i see an ambulance coming up behind me, i don't see ecnalubma ... i see FLASHING LIGHTS that you can't miss!

at any rate, today was a good day. i cleaned pictures off of four memory cards AND i have the new pichette photography website almost complete!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

day 35 | cousins

today ended up being all about cousins. my first photo session of the day was with tyson's second cousin and his family. their kids are so cute and even though ethan was more interested in seeing what he could find, we ended up with some adorable pictures.

my second photo session was with tyson's aunt & uncle and more cousins. tegan & tatum weren't quite understanding why they couldn't be in their "family" picture. they would just as soon be wherever jordan & taran are.

the photo frame hanging on the wall in the studio seems to be the prop of choice and ends up being apart of a lot of memories!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

day 34 | piano nostalgia

i was sitting in the living room tonight looking at my piano. i LOVE to play the piano (as long as no one is listening) but i can't do it nearly as well as i used to (which frustrates me). tonight, it made me nostalgic for the years and years of piano lessons i had. i don't ever remember my mother having to tell me to go and practice. music was a part of me - a way to take out my frustration.

i want my kids to learn how to play an instrument. i don't care which instrument - just one that they love as much as i loved playing the piano.

i long for the day when i can sit back down and whip out the correct keys to "phantom of the opera" without looking back.

Friday, March 5, 2010

day 33 | monster trucks

thankfully, the end to a very long day is drawing near! not that today wasn't good, it was just looooooonnnnnng! today i took the kids to breakfast at mcdonalds where we ended up running into great grandpa bob. then it was back home for an awesome photo session with an ADORABLE six month old boy!

my dad and i then took the kids to the monster truck show. tatum stomped her feet, threw a fit, and somehow managed to get a ticket too. normally i wouldn't let her go for the simple reason that eventually we have to prove she doesn't ALWAYS get her way ... however it was $2 difference to buy four tickets vs three tickets, so she won. i was very surprised at how much she liked it.

grandpa always says that he doesn't really like to go ... it's too loud, it's too smokey, the track isn't big enough, blah blah blah ... but if you look at his face, he almost looks like a little kid looking on in delight!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

day 32 | nasal reconstruction

now that i've kept the blog going strong for a month, it's time to introduce you to the ugliest thing in the world ... my baby! gabryella. we adopted gabby a few months after tyson and i were married. there was so much change in my life - new town, new hall, new friends, new family, new husband, new house - a LOT of change! so, even though our apartment didn't allow pets, we snuck gabby in.

she went everywhere with us. to visit the inlaws. to visit my parents in viroqua. camping in minneapolis. she even spent part of the night in a tornado shelter with us. today, eight years later, gabby is still my baby. she is a little more jumpy with the kids running wild through the house - but aren't we all?!?

although gabbers could use a little nasal reconstruction (she can't breathe well without sticking out her tongue - which she can curl by the way) she's still a part of the family. it's a face only a mother could love!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

day 31 | life decisions

i want know what the opposite saying of "when it rains, it pours" is! if anyone knows, you could post it in the comments or e-mail me. at any rate, today was an AWESOME day.

for those of you who know me - i HATE spring. it is my least favorite season. i hate mud. i hate dirt. i hate puddles. and i especially hate it that my five year old boy seems to find all of the above ... attractive. however, there is something to be said about the sun shining. it gets you motivated.

back to my good day :) tyson got a call back to toro and ... he turned it down!! :) this was joy of all joys for me because it wasn't a good situation the first time and most likely, it wouldn't have been the second time either. shortly thereafter, he got a phone call from his current job offering him a full-time permanent position. which basically means - same hours / less weekends!!

AND on top of all of that, the photography studio is really starting to pick up business with the march special. AND i got not one, but two phone calls from one of my b.f.f.'s who lives super duper far away. SO, once again, it was an awesome day. here's a pic of tys that i took when we were out to lunch today.

PS ... to one of my other b.f.f.'s ... get your stupid phone fixed. i am going through TEXTING WITHDRAWAL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

day 30 | non-typical tuesday

every tuesday evening, we go to our meeting. however, tonight was specifically exciting because tyson's grandma & his great grandma gave a talk together. we never thought this day would come for tyson's great grandma and yet now it's just old news!!

to top the evening off, we decided to join the "after meeting" group out at mcdonalds and we ended up running into a lady who goes to the spanish meetings up in south saint paul. she was super friendly and we had a nice time visiting with her. she knew some friends of ours who live up in minneapolis. it truly is a small world!!

yes, the picture is horrid ... however, i didn't plan ahead and the only camera i had on me at the time was my old sony which has a burnt out flash. ah well, i guess you will just have to deal with it for one day!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

day 29 | life's moments

sometimes in a photo session, things happen just right. sometimes you catch a picture of someone who isn't even ready or posing, and it turns out to be the best picture of the day. of course, this is just my opinion, but this is by far my favorite picture of the entire day (and, I took a LOT of pictures today)!

today was an accomplished day. two photo sessions. a clean house. wisconsin cheese soup. AND the bachelor finale. add to that the fact that it was beautiful outside ... it's been the perfect day!! :)