Friday, February 26, 2010

day 26 | root of all evil

some may say that money is the root of all evil. i personally believe that today, grape nuts are the root of all evil! why? i LOVE grape nuts. my pancreas apparently does not feel the same way and has been giving me grief all day. stupid pancreas needs to learn to love the things i love ... we would get along so much better.

today was a random, odd day. months have went by since tyson was laid off at toro. actually more like ELEVEN months. tyson has went to school, started a whole new career, and has a new job. out of the blue, he gets called back to work at toro. as tempting as this $4 more an hour job may seem ... it is for second shift and that is the only thing we have really ever majorily fought about.

after not sleeping well at all last night and getting ready to launch the special that seems to be drawing everyone to the photo studio (20 mins / 20 prints / $20) ... i am heading to bed!

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