Monday, February 22, 2010

day 22 | a life of chaos

i am a very organized person. i know exactly where everything is. i know exactly where i should be and when. my brain is very categorized. i am a perfectionist. yet no matter how hard i try ... i feel like i am living a life of chaos.

somehow i need to figure out the perfect schedule. a way to get everything done and still maintain a healthy balance in life. a way to balance spirituality, work, and play. a way to feel less chaotic.

at any rate, today was a fairly good monday. one floor of the house cleaned. laundry started. trip to the hardware store. backdrops hung in the photo studio. appointments made. and my husband decided that margarita monday at ground round was a good idea after all!

according to my clock - it's time for tys to head to work and for me to go and watch the bachelor :)

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