Friday, February 19, 2010

day 19 | the face of evil

on a side note: WANTED! someone to keep my shopping in check. it is a non-paying, thankless job - but someone NEEDS to do it! i have shopping issues. la crosse yesterday / wisconsin dells today. but i was in specific need of something and well, i came home with lots of other things! :) ah well, it was all on sale.

for today's picture of the day (yes, i was too lazy to carry my camera shopping), I decided to introduce you to harley (aka lucifer, lucy, etc.) you might wonder why she has so many names. well here is the short version ...

her name is harley (named by tegan - yes it is probably after a motorcycle). however, this cat is EVIL. pure evil. i nursed this evil thing back from near-death ... bottle feeding it. keeping it warm. listening to it's pitiful cries. yes, i know i am calling it an it. what thanks do i get? evilness. she looks all sweet and innocent ... until she has sunk her teeth into your flesh. thus the reason harley is sometimes called evilness, lucifer the great, lucy, etc.

there were sweet pictures available for the picture of the day however this seems to capture the essence of harley. she "might" be yawning ... or ... she might be biting. i'll leave it up to you to decide.

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