Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day 17 | please pass the salt

nine years ago today, i told my best friends that tyson was the guy i was going to marry. of course, it wasn't for the reason you might think. we weren't dating at the time and it was said in sarcasm. but that night, at jon & jadrienne's wedding, something definitely happened because a little over a year later we were married. how do we celebrate? jadee and i went out for dinner. :)

we also had tyson's family over for dinner this evening. five generations all joined together in one room over a delicious pork roast ... and wine!! when you have a pichette/bruder family dinner, salt is the MAIN course. i think tys and i have bought salt three times since we've been married (and even that might be pushing it). i'm pretty sure that tyson's grandpa has used all three of them!

so in honor of family dinner with the inlaws ... here's all five generations around the dining room table.


  1. Family gatherings are so nice!

    And I love your commitment to 365... 18 days now! WAY TO GO!!!

    You inspire me! I'm working on a long daily thing too... not the same way as a 365-blog, but I did start Feb 1 like you and I've kept it going 18 days in a row so far - doing SparkPeople! But I do have a blogspot for it too - - just not getting there every day yet. :-/

  2. Thank you! Glad to hear there are people checking it. It's making more aware of dragging my camera out lol.