Monday, February 15, 2010

day 15 | snowboarders delight

mondays are not my forte. generally the weekends are long and we spend mondays recovering, doing laundry, getting life on track for the rest of the week. since we were sick this weekend, we were able to skip right ahead and this monday was full of accomplishments.

for instance, tyson got my studio backdrops mounted on the wall and attached chains to make it easier for me (aka him ... i don't think i have actually switched one since we started) to switch them.

snowboarding pictures with jordan & taran can also be checked off. jordan and i have planned this for quite some time, but our schedules haven't quite added up for the last several months. thankfully today they did and we were able to get some awesome snowboarding pictures while it was snowing.

of course, i couldn't feel my fingers after we went down by the lake. there was a nice BRISK wind ... even made jordan hit himself in the head with the snowboard. all in all, we ended up with quite a few pictures ... however this was my favorite simply because it had a neat effect to it.

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