Saturday, February 13, 2010

day 13 | i heart tim mcgraw

i remember the first time i heard tim mcgraw on the radio. i was down in illinois visiting my cousins and all four of us were singing along. seems like not much has changed in the last 20 years. tim mcgraw is still an amazing singer. an amazing entertainer. and amazing to look at :) yes, i did just say that outloud!

when i was younger, i loved country because that's what my parents loved. when i got older, i "rebelled" and started liking rock, alternative, "junk" as my father so aptly puts it. however, the older i get and the newer that country music gets - i am really starting to like it. i have been to quite a few concerts and i must admit - the lost trailers, lady antebellum, & tim mcgraw together - this is one of the best concerts i have seen in person.

granted, these pictures were taken last night ... BUT, it was almost midnight, so i think they should technically still be considered my picture(s) of the day. they were taken with my old sony h3 and i was pleasantly surprised at it's clarity. i couldn't decide between these two pictures - so i had to upload them both!

oooooh ... and going back to the madison coliseum brought back a TON of amazing memories!


  1. Great pics Tonja! And I might add that I am insanely jealous ;)

  2. I get to see Tim next weekend! Oh Im so EXCITED! I can't barely stand it.