Friday, February 12, 2010

day 12 | country in the city

i am getting ready to leave for madison with six, yes SIX, of my friends from viroqua. i don't know what is more exciting ... spending a girls weekend in madison, seeing tim mcgraw up close and personal, or seeing lady antebellum in concert!

i decided to upload my picture of the day early because i don't think i will have time to update tonight. i wish i could get a picture of tim mcgraw in all his beauty performing ... but tyson has banned me from taking my 7d anywhere that involves roadtripping. we are sneaking in a camera though with megan's help (i'll leave it up to you to ask megan how!).

in other news ... hmmm. i got nothing! hope everyone has a great weekend and i will be back for an update tomorrow night!

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