Thursday, February 11, 2010

day 11 | chuck e cheese day

thursday afternoons are the day to go to chuck e cheese. there were only two other kids there besides tegan, tatum, sawyer, tanner, sydney, & chloe. that left plenty of games open for the parents to play (i mean the kids!!)

my children must take after me ... they were immediately drawn to the ski ball game. i am really depressed that they changed it from the old one - BUT i think i finally figured it out today. 75 tickets every time and the jackpot never goes down. :)

ooooh ... and tanner b decided that lights & noise make him want to walk. conveniently it's really close to a friday like i predicted!!

after chuck e cheese we headed to barnes & noble where my children kept shhhhh'ing people. they weren't quite understanding that it wasn't a library. $100 later and we all came out with some books ... and some stuffed animals. now i have to tyson start reading my books and telling me what they are about (i HATE reading unless there is an excess of pictures!!)

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