Sunday, February 28, 2010

day 28 | kitchen remodel done

i am super stoked to announce that my kitchen remodel is officially complete!! except that our microwave is now dying, but i guess that's a minor repair that we will get around to.

when we moved into our house three years ago, every wall was cream and painted in a flat paint. i HATE flat paint (especially with kids) and i am not necessarily that fond of cream. so it was time to take control of the situation.

the kitchen has been painted red for a few months now, but we finally have the tile in and the curtain up. and it's actually semi-clean (something that rarely happens!!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

day 27 | portrait madness

the last couple of days i have been doing nothing but portrait sessions ... which is a GOOD thing. it's been a lot of fun! this picture below is of miss adellynn. she is a DOLL!!! dark hair, baby blues, and a tutu. i had soooo much fun with her. plus it was nice to see her mom again (we dj'd her wedding last year).

my second session today was with some great friends from viroqua. it was a blast. i am not allowed to say who it was with, because it is going to be an anniversary present for their parents/grandparents. however, i am allowed to say that i found out my photo studio will probably not hold more than 10 people. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

day 26 | root of all evil

some may say that money is the root of all evil. i personally believe that today, grape nuts are the root of all evil! why? i LOVE grape nuts. my pancreas apparently does not feel the same way and has been giving me grief all day. stupid pancreas needs to learn to love the things i love ... we would get along so much better.

today was a random, odd day. months have went by since tyson was laid off at toro. actually more like ELEVEN months. tyson has went to school, started a whole new career, and has a new job. out of the blue, he gets called back to work at toro. as tempting as this $4 more an hour job may seem ... it is for second shift and that is the only thing we have really ever majorily fought about.

after not sleeping well at all last night and getting ready to launch the special that seems to be drawing everyone to the photo studio (20 mins / 20 prints / $20) ... i am heading to bed!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

day 25 | introducing the inlaws

apparently this has become "meet the family" week on my 365 blog. the other day it was brought to my attention that although i have an obsession for taking pictures, i don't have many pictures that i've taken hanging on my walls.

this is going to change. i have a stairway that is completely bare and runs up the side of our entryway. i want to fill this with pictures of family and friends. after all, it's what i love the most (the taking pictures part ... okay and the family & friends).

so here's the beginning ...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

day 24 | i am adopted

yes ... i am adopted. for those of you who think i'm joking ... i'm not!

i only pull the "i am adopted" card at certain times (i.e. when my parents are being all crazy ... see picture below). this would definitely be one of those times. lol. and you wonder where i get my crazy personality from?!?

thanks for the photo frame mindy. i knew we would use it again! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

day 23 | canon 7d for dummies

today tyson brought me home an amazing present ... see picture below. :)

i know how to run my camera and how to get good pictures, but this camera has so much more potential. everything is in a different spot and there are a thousand more controls i get to learn about. plus hd video :) between reading about it and playing around with it, i can't wait to figure it all out.

so, the reading begins ...

Monday, February 22, 2010

day 22 | a life of chaos

i am a very organized person. i know exactly where everything is. i know exactly where i should be and when. my brain is very categorized. i am a perfectionist. yet no matter how hard i try ... i feel like i am living a life of chaos.

somehow i need to figure out the perfect schedule. a way to get everything done and still maintain a healthy balance in life. a way to balance spirituality, work, and play. a way to feel less chaotic.

at any rate, today was a fairly good monday. one floor of the house cleaned. laundry started. trip to the hardware store. backdrops hung in the photo studio. appointments made. and my husband decided that margarita monday at ground round was a good idea after all!

according to my clock - it's time for tys to head to work and for me to go and watch the bachelor :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

day 21 | nightcap

i am sad to say that i am excited tomorrow is monday!! my house is a disaster. my laundry needs to be done. my children are WAY overtired. it has been a long, but fun, exhausting weekend. now back to real life!

i didn't take hardly any pictures today - too busy going through the pictures from last night. so today's picture of the day ... alka seltzer! :) makes the world ... and my stomch ... a better place!

now tys is off to work soon. the kids are going to bed. and i get time with my favorite sunday evening television programming.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

day 20 | someone call 911

whew. that was a close one. i almost didn't get my picture of the day uploaded and i was on a roll with a grand total of 330 pictures taken.

tonight was fun! take 100+ people who all have big mouths ... add in the fact that most of us are horrible at keeping secrets ... a 25th anniversary party ... and wow! you should be shocked that it turned out to be a surprise. thankfully everything came together quite nicely and we had a wonderful 25th surprise anniversary party for mike & karen.

granted we just got home and i haven't had time to go through all 330 pictures ... but i did pick my favorite. my babies :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

day 19 | the face of evil

on a side note: WANTED! someone to keep my shopping in check. it is a non-paying, thankless job - but someone NEEDS to do it! i have shopping issues. la crosse yesterday / wisconsin dells today. but i was in specific need of something and well, i came home with lots of other things! :) ah well, it was all on sale.

for today's picture of the day (yes, i was too lazy to carry my camera shopping), I decided to introduce you to harley (aka lucifer, lucy, etc.) you might wonder why she has so many names. well here is the short version ...

her name is harley (named by tegan - yes it is probably after a motorcycle). however, this cat is EVIL. pure evil. i nursed this evil thing back from near-death ... bottle feeding it. keeping it warm. listening to it's pitiful cries. yes, i know i am calling it an it. what thanks do i get? evilness. she looks all sweet and innocent ... until she has sunk her teeth into your flesh. thus the reason harley is sometimes called evilness, lucifer the great, lucy, etc.

there were sweet pictures available for the picture of the day however this seems to capture the essence of harley. she "might" be yawning ... or ... she might be biting. i'll leave it up to you to decide.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

day 18 | five o'clock somewhere

now this is the kind of salt i like :) some days, even if it is only lunch time, you just need a margarita! especially after holding your daughter down in a dentist chair along with four other people. or because you have to wait for your mother to search through racks and racks of clothes ... piece by piece by piece.

whatever the reason, every once and awhile you just need a margarita.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day 17 | please pass the salt

nine years ago today, i told my best friends that tyson was the guy i was going to marry. of course, it wasn't for the reason you might think. we weren't dating at the time and it was said in sarcasm. but that night, at jon & jadrienne's wedding, something definitely happened because a little over a year later we were married. how do we celebrate? jadee and i went out for dinner. :)

we also had tyson's family over for dinner this evening. five generations all joined together in one room over a delicious pork roast ... and wine!! when you have a pichette/bruder family dinner, salt is the MAIN course. i think tys and i have bought salt three times since we've been married (and even that might be pushing it). i'm pretty sure that tyson's grandpa has used all three of them!

so in honor of family dinner with the inlaws ... here's all five generations around the dining room table.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

day 16 | as the wheels turn

it's always been amazing to me how little boys are such ... little boys. ever since i can remember, tegan has been OBSESSED with cars. scratch that ... obsessed with anything that has wheels.

i loved watching him make car noises as he pushed one of his little matchbox cars around. watching him get down low and watch the wheels turn on his monster trucks. watching his face light up with delight whenever we bring home an autotrader magazine.

five years later, he still does the same thing. today was no different. after weeks of begging for new "kid size" legos, we went to the store and picked some out. of course he had to have the one with WHEELS!!

i'm thinking that he doesn't have the car built just right ... but he'll get the hang of it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

day 15 | snowboarders delight

mondays are not my forte. generally the weekends are long and we spend mondays recovering, doing laundry, getting life on track for the rest of the week. since we were sick this weekend, we were able to skip right ahead and this monday was full of accomplishments.

for instance, tyson got my studio backdrops mounted on the wall and attached chains to make it easier for me (aka him ... i don't think i have actually switched one since we started) to switch them.

snowboarding pictures with jordan & taran can also be checked off. jordan and i have planned this for quite some time, but our schedules haven't quite added up for the last several months. thankfully today they did and we were able to get some awesome snowboarding pictures while it was snowing.

of course, i couldn't feel my fingers after we went down by the lake. there was a nice BRISK wind ... even made jordan hit himself in the head with the snowboard. all in all, we ended up with quite a few pictures ... however this was my favorite simply because it had a neat effect to it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

day 14 | showers make it better

today was a blah day! tyson got sent home from work with the stomach flu. i swear i have an ear infection, again. :( every winter, at some point, i get one. it's inevitable. we have all been in a vegetative state today. thank goodness for naps and lazy days.

a hot shower is pretty much all i accomplished!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

day 13 | i heart tim mcgraw

i remember the first time i heard tim mcgraw on the radio. i was down in illinois visiting my cousins and all four of us were singing along. seems like not much has changed in the last 20 years. tim mcgraw is still an amazing singer. an amazing entertainer. and amazing to look at :) yes, i did just say that outloud!

when i was younger, i loved country because that's what my parents loved. when i got older, i "rebelled" and started liking rock, alternative, "junk" as my father so aptly puts it. however, the older i get and the newer that country music gets - i am really starting to like it. i have been to quite a few concerts and i must admit - the lost trailers, lady antebellum, & tim mcgraw together - this is one of the best concerts i have seen in person.

granted, these pictures were taken last night ... BUT, it was almost midnight, so i think they should technically still be considered my picture(s) of the day. they were taken with my old sony h3 and i was pleasantly surprised at it's clarity. i couldn't decide between these two pictures - so i had to upload them both!

oooooh ... and going back to the madison coliseum brought back a TON of amazing memories!

Friday, February 12, 2010

day 12 | country in the city

i am getting ready to leave for madison with six, yes SIX, of my friends from viroqua. i don't know what is more exciting ... spending a girls weekend in madison, seeing tim mcgraw up close and personal, or seeing lady antebellum in concert!

i decided to upload my picture of the day early because i don't think i will have time to update tonight. i wish i could get a picture of tim mcgraw in all his beauty performing ... but tyson has banned me from taking my 7d anywhere that involves roadtripping. we are sneaking in a camera though with megan's help (i'll leave it up to you to ask megan how!).

in other news ... hmmm. i got nothing! hope everyone has a great weekend and i will be back for an update tomorrow night!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

day 11 | chuck e cheese day

thursday afternoons are the day to go to chuck e cheese. there were only two other kids there besides tegan, tatum, sawyer, tanner, sydney, & chloe. that left plenty of games open for the parents to play (i mean the kids!!)

my children must take after me ... they were immediately drawn to the ski ball game. i am really depressed that they changed it from the old one - BUT i think i finally figured it out today. 75 tickets every time and the jackpot never goes down. :)

ooooh ... and tanner b decided that lights & noise make him want to walk. conveniently it's really close to a friday like i predicted!!

after chuck e cheese we headed to barnes & noble where my children kept shhhhh'ing people. they weren't quite understanding that it wasn't a library. $100 later and we all came out with some books ... and some stuffed animals. now i have to tyson start reading my books and telling me what they are about (i HATE reading unless there is an excess of pictures!!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

day 10 | pa pa pa poker face

random, spontaneous evenings spent with friends make some of the best memories. tys and i decided to take a drive up to wisconsin rapids and have dinner with dave and jessica. we don't see them as often as we like now that they've moved away ... but thank goodness for HUGE text messaging plans!

tonight was spent like most of our evenings spent together ... dinner. cards. laughs. of course, there were some other parts too - like a random trip to vesper (can't say that i've ever been there - nor will i probably ever remember what it looked like). and adding fuel to a flaming text message war between abbi & shelby.

oh and for the picture :) david was trying to teach jessica and i some new form of poker (follow the pooch/queen/stud ... not sure on that one?!?). the picture shows how much we learned (aka nothing!) but it comes complete with a beauty mark!

ah, good times!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

day 9 | apology to groundhogs

ah the joys of living in wisconsin. i cannot complain ... we have had an awesome, mild winter. today the stupid groundhog (yes, i apologize for saying he doesn't know anything) decided to remind us that winter isn't over yet.

the only negative is - i cannot wear flip flops when there is this much snow on the ground! on a positive note though, we did not get as much as the eastern states. it makes everything look pretty and clean. and seriously, what would a wisconsin winter be without snow?!?

as long as this gorgeous snow doesn't interfere with anything during my exciting upcoming weekend - i will be content with it's stay!

Monday, February 8, 2010

day 8 | an amazing caregiver

mondays are always pretty uneventful. today though, i had this (see picture) dropped off at my door around 11am. taran was home sick from school and no where to go. thankfully he just had a headache ... or as i like to call it, stayedupwaytoolateitis! being the awesome caregiver that i am ... i gave him two tylenol and a can of dr. pepper. magically - headache gone!

tyson slept all day since he is on his four day stretch of the night shift and so it went back to being a pretty uneventful day. he woke up and we realized that neither one of us had the time nor the energy to make dinner. what do we do in this situation? we invite ourselves over to dinner at one or the other sets of our parents house and 99.9% of the time, it works.

bringing the evening to a close so i can go upstairs to bed and rewatch the bachelor. taran & tegan were wrestling, tatum was playing guitar, and cade was yelling that that tv was too loud so i really couldn't hear it earlier. ahhh ... some peace & quiet

Sunday, February 7, 2010

day 7 | roadtrip with the inlaws

the plan was ... wake up early. get the kids ready. say good morning and good night to tyson. get picked up by. go to viroqua. that plan almost worked perfectly ... except my children are NOT morning people and they were NOT going to be a part of this plan.

so ... it was me & the inlaws ... and a tom tom named samantha who seriously needs to get some pronounciation skills. we had a really nice time.

it is always nice to go back home. the one thing i do regret is not going back more often. i miss my friends. i miss sunday lunches at the viking (i really miss the salad bar!) home will always be home ... i just happen to have two homes now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

day 6 | partying with reese's

what do we do when peltier's go to hawaii? we take over their house & have a party! music. cards. wii. friends. food. fun. and of course ... reeses. mmmmm.

we sent a picture text to vicki showing her 20+ people standing in her kitchen ... her response was "i hope my house was clean." haha. maybe she didn't see the people

my children are now being beasts. party + no nap + coming down with colds = cranky!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

day 5 | miss sadie

today i didn't take many pictures. i had a photo session with miss sadie and her brother, aiden. i LOVE the picture of the two of them together ... but this is one of my absolute favorites!! sadie is only seven but she looks SO much older!

afterwards, we went out to dinner with the pillard's and the rauvola's. it was sort of an off day - we were all really tired. we did have a great time though and hopefully - we have the beginning of a couples date night in the works.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

day 4 | i hate grocery shopping

today it was time to get groceries. tys loves to cook and doesn't mind grocery shopping ... he just HATES wal-mart. i, on the other hand, cannot cook. (i sadly have TONS of people to back this up!) i, in turn, hate grocery shopping and more specifically, i hate grocery shopping with tyson. he looks at EVERYTHING ... talks to EVERYONE ... and makes the painful job ... more painful!

we do have it down to a science though. once a month, we breakdown and head to the store. i'd like to say whether we need it or not ... but obviously, after a month, we need it!

$456 later and this is what one month's supply of groceries look like for the pichette household. granted, about once a week we have to run to burnstad's or kwik trip for the bare necessities - milk, eggs, bread - but all in all, this pretty much makes it for one month!

now, who wants to come help me put all this away?? :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

day 3 | 23 flavors of goodness

dr. pepper ... one of my many vices! i am addicted ... yes ADDICTED to dr. pepper. i heart dr. pepper.

i managed to live a complete year without drinking an ounce of pop. somehow. somewhere. something went majorily WRONG!

i really need someone to invent a patch!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

day 2 | lounging with an owl

tatum elizabeth. she is our SPOILED three year old daughter. princesses. tea parties. dolls. babies. owls. yes, you read the correctly. owls. she LOVES owls.

owls are normally fairly hard to find, however tatum apparently picked the right year to love them. they are everywhere and pretty much available for anything you can imagine.

this is an owl that came to live with us today. tatum wanted it for her garden ... we don't have a garden. at any rate, tatum is in love with it and it is now hanging in our entryway.

tatum had to have oral surgery this last week and she got her stitches out today. this is a picture of her finally smiling again because mouth "doesn't hurt anymore."

Monday, February 1, 2010

day 1 | excitement

the excitement for my 365 blog has filled the house and can hardly be contained as you can see from this picture! maybe that's not specifically why this little man is excited - BUT he sure is excited about something.

this blog is dedicated to two things ... 1) trying to capture a day in my life. i want to use my camera daily. i want to be comfortable whipping out my camera and capturing moments of life whether they be at home, in small group settings, in public - wherever it may be. 2) i want to improve in my photography. i want to learn new techniques ... challenge myself. granted, this won't happen EVERYDAY but i want to try.

i am a photographer, a DJ, and most importantly, i am a stay at home mom. capturing a day in my life will most likely be in a lot of the posts over the next 365+ days.

this is tegan xander. he is my rambunctious, high-strung, five year old boy. cars. tractors. monster trucks. legos. video games. he is ALL boy! this picture is his idea of "posing" for the camera!!