Saturday, August 10, 2013


We're MOVING!  The blog that is!

This blog has served it's purpose.  It was a free blog designed to help me through photography school, keep me shooting everyday, and keep track of all the memories in between.  The memories will stay here.

The new blog is actually attached to our website.  It's been there the whole time - I just haven't had time to activate it and get it up and running.  That is until today :)

So for all the fresh new blogs - you can find them here: and click on blog
or direct link is:

Olivia & Jaxson | Tomah, WI Photographer

Olivia is a ham.  She was up and down and all over the place with smiles and giggles and even some tears.  They tell me that Jaxson is a crazy boy - but he was perfect for his session.  He was trying to wrangle his sister for some together shots - and the whole time he kept his smiles coming.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Class of 2014 Carissa | Tomah, WI Photographer

Carissa is gorgeous, stunning, sweet, ... fill in other adjectives here.  We had a great time shooting her senior session. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Class of 2014 Mercedes | Tomah, WI Photographer

Mercedes was a BLAST to work with.  She is from my hometown - Viroqua - so you knew it was going to be a good match!  Mercedes was up for anything and ready to show me her poses and you have to give the girl props - it was 95ยบ in the shade!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Superheroes | Tomah, WI Photographer

While we were in St Louis, a couple of new backdrops came to the studio.  I kind of forgot about them until the other day.  When I finally opened them up - I knew who to call.  Blake & Alexis would for sure have the costumes needed to model this adorable new background.  Now we need to schedule superhero mini sessions!

Trenton & Andrea Married | Warrens, WI Photographer

Trenton & Andrea were married on a perfect July day at Three Bears Lodge Resort in Warrens.  The weather was perfect.  Big fluffy clouds in the sky, perfect temperature, and hundreds of guests who came to share in their special day. 

Andrea wore two dresses ... one for the ceremony, which was her mother's ... and the second for the pictures, which was all her own.  Trenton & all the groomsmen wore superhero hats & cuff links.  The ceremony was short & sweet and the rest of the day was all about friends and family.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

NCO Academy | Tomah, WI Photographer

The NCO Academy held their annual dining out at the Cranberry Lodge this year and we were excited to be called back as the photographer for the 3rd year in a row.  What's nice is - the faces don't change a whole lot - so they're starting to look familiar! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Class of 2014 Lynsey | Tomah, WI Photographer

I have to preface this blog post with the following statement ... It is soooo unbelievably hard to pick images for my "class of 2014" senior blog posts / Facebook.  Every single one of them have been amazing to work with and had some really neat ideas.

Lynsey was no exception.  She is a little bit of glam and a little bit of country girl all rolled into one (I think I just quoted a country song .. maybe?).  Her grandfathers farm provided the perfect fields for her images.  Then we headed downtown for a couple modern images as well.